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81 Stephen Strange - Doctor Strange Stephen Strange - Doctor Strange
82 Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the galaxy Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the galaxy Rocket Raccoon is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen, the character first appeared in Marvel Preview #7.
83 Tamara - Tamara
84 Little Junior Brown - Kiss of Death


85 Jimmy Shaker - Ransom

Great badass character from Gary Sinise.

86 John Hawkins - Black Point

David Caruso's character uses military martial arts. Any movie character using military martial arts in a movie is considered badass. This character is one of them.

87 Franklin Bean - Fantastic Mr Fox
88 Ranjan Ramanayake - One Shot One
89 Morpheus - The Matrix Morpheus - The Matrix

What if I told you

That this one should have been put on for a long time ago

How can he not even bed on the list until now?!

90 Korben Dallas - The Fifth Element
91 Smith - Shoot 'Em Up
92 Paul Benjamin - Death Wish
93 Forrest Bondurant - Lawless
94 Nick Malloy - 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded

Very badass character portrayed by badass WWE Superstar Randy Orton.

95 Rooster Cogburn - True Grit
96 Judge Dredd - Dredd
97 Heimdall - Thor 2 Heimdall - Thor 2

He takes out a giant invisible spaceship by himself. With just his knife.

98 Jim Luther Davis - Harsh Times

Crazy - Cool - No Fear

99 Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) - Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) - Reservoir Dogs
100 O-Dog - Menace II Society

Badass Moment: Robbing a liquor store after the shop owner insults his mom.

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