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21 Miztique

I feel like Miztique would be like a really cool badass drag queen.

22 Harley

Come on man it's Harley Quinn! This is the most badass name ever! I mean comics, motors, everything, it's badass for sure

Davidson lol - Ananya

Quinn is the BEST! I don't know why but I am oddly in love with her charter!


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23 Hades

So cool because when I think badass, I think hates from kid Icarus uprising

That's my code name within my friend group

Shows that your tough - Exotic Bat

Hades- Greek god of the underworld

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24 Rex

This name needs to be higher! It sounds like a cool and powerful name. I wish I had this name, even though I'm actually a girl. I don't care if it is a boy's name. I love this name!

Rex actually means king in latin, pretty cool name

Rex: Hi, I'm Rex.
Harley :... ( looks confused ) I'm... Harley..
Rex:... ( both confused )
Harley : I think I hear my Motorcycle calling me.
Rex:... Yeah... Me... Too. - funnyuser

25 Lightning V 3 Comments
26 Nero

I love this name. It's from the game Devil May Cry. It's a great name and it's totally badass all the way.

Really? James, cole, aaron are higher on the list? Nero is a way more badass name than those boring names. Should be in the top ten...

This should at least be in the top 5 for sure


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27 Payton

My name is Payton, I LOVE IT!

My boyfriends name

Awesome name

28 Axel

Aw dude, I think this is a very badass name

Tell a toddler to say Axel, it's hilarious

Drop the "e" and it'd be Axl Rose's...heck yes!

29 Arrow V 1 Comment
30 Damien V 2 Comments
31 Magnum

Like the gun. A cool shot.

32 Søren

The pronounce is like SOH-RAIN, it means determinated and strong

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33 Amazon

If this is a real name...i died reading this

Sure...I mean...why not...
Who doesn't wnt to be reliable, trustful and customer-orientated?

34 Slade Slade

Like Slade Wilson the mercenary

It's ' Slade Wilson! Like come on, this is the most badass name

Awesome name

35 Jett

Nothing can defeat a good Jett Reigns

Most badass name every

Guys...This is my name...I'm a fighting badass now!

36 Pearl

Beautiful and Badass

Steven universe

37 Ciel

Yes just yes your an amazing person

Ciel with his butler Sebastian

Ciel and Alois in a row, praise.

Ciel means sky in french

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38 Goku

Vegeta? Gohan? Trunks? DBZ is awesome, I'm just Saying


Okay... I'll go now...

Lol my hubby would have killed to name our son Goku

Pretty cool name #JustSaiyan

Best. Name. Ever.

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39 Lucifer

This name is for my family, the supernatural fans

Yas name my child after satan right

Best name I've seen on here! Naming my character this right now! Best female assassin name ever!

Its funny, before coming here, I named my character Lucifer in my last playthough

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40 Kade

My friends name is kade

My friends call me Kade, because the first letter of my name and surname spell KD and it just kinda fits. Since I'm a girl it catches a few guys out, but it's probably one of the most badass names I know.

My names Kade and I think it is BadAss

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