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61 Sebastian

It has a sexiness to it. I also think it's funny that it is currently in the 69th position. - Fiend

Love that name - maybe it's not badass. but it's cool

Black Butler enough said

When u see ciel and sebastian on here~

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62 Martin
63 Marcus

Like Marcus Fenix? I think this is the biggest badass of a name. It's very manley and kickass. If you want a kids name to be big badass this is a great name.

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64 Zenix

I like the sound of it. It sounds totally badass

Who the! @#$ is this

That's a drug

65 Alistar

Demon that mentored Dean Winchester in hell very nice

My snakes name is Alistair nothing more bad ass

Love how we supernatural fans just show up and take over everything

My mind instantly thought of supernatural 😂 The fanfom is everywhere ✌🏻️

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66 Corrine

Gayest name going around, if your name is corrine neck yourself

My name in an appocalypse series that I'm writing! Yus!


67 Finley

This girl has the name "Finley" and she's not intimidating, it's her name

What a name! Especially because it means warrior!

It is pretty intimidating if you think about it!

Hah! My name it Finley

68 Requis

Jev is that you?

69 Bob

This name is something out of this world...


70 Mercury
71 Gravity
72 Frost

Frosty, White Rabbit Chronicles. The second most biggest badass in the book. Right after his girlfriend, Kat Parker.

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73 Shadow

When is saw this it reminded me of the sonic character Shadow the hedgehog.

Yup. I know someone named Shadow and they are boss. (Hint: it's a video game character)

Matt shadows I guess - Ananya


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74 Dawn

i love it

75 Tiberius

In the movie hercules its his most trusted friend that hercules found as the only survivor in his village He is a BEAST.

Tiberius is a badass name when you just say it. plus jacksepticeye said so himself that it is a badass name

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76 Ronin
77 Lexion

Totally a cool name in my book. I've always wanted this name.

Awesome, was searching for a cool name for a god in my book, but now I can't use it, can i? :D

78 Vince
79 Jasper

Yay pretty cool that my name is up here

My name is not on here. I feel sad.

I have a baby brother named Jaspyr but said the same

80 Blitz

This name is plain badass. I'm surprised it isn't in the top ten.

The name of a character from Magnus Chase

Thanks that name is good for a good

My teddy bear is named Blitz :D

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