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81 Angel

That's my name in real life

I'm badass


82 Echo

I think I saw delta on a list, honestly, I like this little group with alpha, beta ( I saw that too ), Charlie, delta, and echo. Hate me as much as you want.

Echo? Alpha? What's next, Delta?

I can't BELIVE MY NAMES the 114 name...that not very impressive

I love the name echo! Nice choice!

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83 Atlantis

I think this is such a beautiful name for sure!

84 Kira

Aka Light Yagami

I agree this is Light

85 Sloan

Sloan just screams mercenary/hitman/gun slinger

86 Leanne

I know a girl named Leanne, she once cut half of my hair off, she's a total badass

87 Ajax

"What's my name?! "

"Oh, I'll spell it out for you"

Like the dutch soccer club...?


88 Raxus
89 Netalic V 2 Comments
90 Jess

Total southern cowboy name!

91 Daemon

It's Japanese anime... doraemon? Haha

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92 Maze

Maze? Come one, seriously?

It's actually Mazikeen

93 Evanjoline

I love that name, but isn't it supposed to be spelled: Evangelene?

94 Tyson

Best most badass name in the whole universe

Tyson- Percy's Jacksons brother

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95 Wes
96 Zed

Zed is the name of the Best Assasin in LOL!

97 Ghost

I was nicknamed ghost because I was so sneaky and could sneak up on people and listen to people's conversations without them noting

If this is your name, then put on a skull mask and you're golden.

98 Butch
99 Lars

Hey, who can even try to think up of a sick name like this!

Lars from Steven Universe is a great example! Any super fan currently waiting for season 5's continuation in like 7 days knows why! #pinklars4dawin

100 Obsidian

My Character my story is called Obsidian Bones

Haha! Who would name their child this? - funnyuser

People who loved geology.. Obsidian is a black stone in apache tears..

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