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81 Kira

Aka Light Yagami

I agree this is Light

82 Sloan

Sloan just screams mercenary/hitman/gun slinger

83 Lexion

Totally a cool name in my book. I've always wanted this name.

Awesome, was searching for a cool name for a god in my book, but now I can't use it, can i? :D

84 Ajax

"What's my name?! "

"Oh, I'll spell it out for you"

Like the dutch soccer club...?


85 Evanjoline

I love that name, but isn't it supposed to be spelled: Evangelene?

86 Angel

That's my name in real life

I'm badass


87 Echo

I think I saw delta on a list, honestly, I like this little group with alpha, beta ( I saw that too ), Charlie, delta, and echo. Hate me as much as you want.

Echo? Alpha? What's next, Delta?

I can't BELIVE MY NAMES the 114 name...that not very impressive

I love the name echo! Nice choice!

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88 Tyson

Best most badass name in the whole universe

Tyson- Percy's Jacksons brother

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89 Wes
90 Leanne

I know a girl named Leanne, she once cut half of my hair off, she's a total badass

91 Ghost

I was nicknamed ghost because I was so sneaky and could sneak up on people and listen to people's conversations without them noting

If this is your name, then put on a skull mask and you're golden.

92 Netalic V 2 Comments
93 Butch
94 Daemon

It's Japanese anime... doraemon? Haha

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95 Obsidian

My Character my story is called Obsidian Bones

Haha! Who would name their child this? - funnyuser

People who loved geology.. Obsidian is a black stone in apache tears..

96 Future Future

What if he meets past

Maybe he'll give her a present?


i'll see myself out...

97 Maze

Maze? Come one, seriously?

It's actually Mazikeen

98 Eclipse

Pretty cool name for any child if people want an ass kicking baby lol

Totally lit

Its badass

99 Pharoh V 1 Comment
100 Dagger

Who wouldn't name their kid after a weapon? - FluffyBanana

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