Top Ten Badass Nirvana Songs

Nirvana is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands of all time. While I thought they were alright at first, I started to appreciate their sound. As a result, I started to listen to them more often. Because of The Butterfly effect (shout out to Aragorn98 for showing me that video), I made this list. Take the time to listen to all of these songs, and tell me what you think of them in the comments section below. I really appreciate it when you guys give me feedback and stuff like that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this list!

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Territorial Pissings Territorial Pissings Cover Art

Yeah, I had to put something from Nevermind. I know, it's an overrated album according to many, MANY Nirvana fans, but jeez, does this song KICK-ASS! This song has a punk vibe to it, and Kurt Cobain screams throughout the entire song. The riff is catchy and awesome, and even the beginning is great. Krist Novoselic reminds us how we must "get together and try to love one another", and it's so out of place it's downright funny. This is a genuine trip down the crazy train because of the sheer intensity of this track, and I love it. In fact, this is my favorite Nirvana song of all time, and for good reasons. - Pony

I'm righting this wile listening to the song 😁 got to burn away, burn away!

Scentless Apprentice Scentless Apprentice Cover Art

This track is often hated for it's chorus, and admittedly I didn't like this song at first. But the song has this awesome, AWESOME riff that only a band like Nirvana can do. Eventually, the screaming chorus becomes awesome too, and what you have here is a recipe for madness. It's a genuinely awesome song and I would highly recommend it for the Nirvana fans who love their heavier songs. - Pony

School - Nirvana School - Nirvana Cover Art

Like the last two, the track contains an mind-melting guitar riff. It's a very short song, so the song does it's best to fit as much awesomeness as possible. The lyrics are very simple and don't need much depth- it's about high school and how there is no recess (No recess= no fun). The guitar solo is great, too, and it features some of Kurt's finest abilities to play the guitar. The bass is great and the drums also kick ass. Overall, an awesome song that perfectly represents the early years of Nirvana. - Pony

Negative Creep Negative Creep Cover Art

This song is also from Bleach. The riff is so grungy that it destroys planets, and it's another song that shows how Kurt Cobain can make great riffs. Speaking of Kurt, his vocals are really over-the-top and he sounds like he's going to run away from the studio and go on a killing spree like some 90s R-Rated Action Movie. (This song has the best scream Kurt has ever done, period). It's just a crazy song that has awesome, droney guitars and an equally insane rhythm section. - Pony

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Cover Art

We're jumping back into In Utero, and next on our list is this totally-not-radio-friendly song. It's the closest Nirvana came to low-fi, with strange noises, obscure lyrics, and Kurt Cobain sounding like he's half bored with singing on this song. Despite these differences, it's a great song, because the chorus is enjoyable, and it features great drumming from Dave Grohl. It's ironic because this was a response with the major label asking them for more radio friendly songs. As a result, Nirvana created this noisy, awesome gem. - Pony

Tourette's Tourette's Cover Art

This song is totally insane. With the other songs, they were very crazy, but not as wickedly messed up as this track. Kurt Cobain literally SCREAMS at the top of his lungs while voilently strumming his guitar creating riffs a madmen high on speedball would make. It's an absolutely awesome song, though, because like Scentless Apprentice, this song has a great riff that dominates this song. You can try all you want, but you can't sing this song on kareoke. I'm just stating the facts. It's just a crazy, wonderful song, and that's all I have to say about. - Pony

Serve the Servants Serve the Servants Cover Art

This is the last song from In Utero on this list. This is the track opener, and it is glorious. The guitars are both numbingly loud AND awesome, because they represent the best parts about In Utero: noise and pure grunge. I absolutely love Kurt's vocal delivery, because it is a half-serious and half-sarcastic vibe to the song. And the chorus? Absolutely great. It is my favorite chorus in any Nirvana song, ever. The drumming is nice and powerful, and the bass is nice. It's one hell of a track, and one you probably won't forget. - Pony

Blew Blew Cover Art

The bass of this track is easily the best part, and Krist does a great job creating rhythm to this song while keeping a prominent prescence. The guitars go well together in unison with Kurt's vocals during the verses. The chorus is pretty good too, and it leads up to an awesome guitar solo. The guitar solo is very awesome, and easily one of Kurt's best. As the song progresses, the song gets slightly more intense, and thus, more awesome. It was the first song many Nirvana fans heard, and it was a great start to this legendary band. - Pony

Come as You Are Come as You Are Cover Art

This is the only other Nevermind track on this list. It's one of Nirvana's best singles in my opinion, and for good reasons. While the riff was heavily influenced (perhaps stolen) from Killing Joke's "Eighties", it's still an awesome riff and one of the most iconic in Nirvana's entire discography. The drums are great, as always, and the song gets even more awesome when it gets to the chorus. Kurt swears he doesn't have a gun, but we all know he DID have a gun (why did you leave us, Kurt? ). Top that with a great guitar solo and you've got a hit single, and an awesome song. - Pony

Sifting Sifting Cover Art

Finally, the last song on our list. Unlike the majority of these songs, it's pretty long, clocking over 5 and a half minutes. It is quite an underrated song and not many people mention it, but oh boy, it is a great song. The song is very similar to other songs on Bleach, but this song is a little different. It's a slower song, but it's very enjoyable because once again, the chorus is awesome and the guitars in unison with it are great too. The guitars riff on this track have this attitude to them (the attitude that represented the not-so-cheesy side of 80s rock and metal), and I love it. Add a great rhythm section and you've got another great song from an awesome album. - Pony

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