Most Badass Power Rangers Villains


The Top Ten

1 Zen Aku

A Garoh villain in a power ranger serie

2 Diabolico
3 Olympius
4 Decker Decker

Sorry about the picture. I had Lord Zedd here then I remembered Decker and forgot to take off the picture. - 906389

5 Mesogog
6 Ecliptor
7 Psyco Rangers
8 Lord Zedd Lord Zedd
9 Darkonda
10 Master Xandred

The Contenders

11 Astronima
12 Zeltrax
13 Vexacus
14 Zurgane
15 Goldar
16 Lord Drakkon

The ultimate 6th ranger in your prime! The conqueror of the morph grid and the definitive evil ranger, Lord Drakkon definitely has to be in the top of that list!

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