Baddest Bad Girls from Season 12 of Bad Girls Club

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Dalila was the most entertaining girl this season for such a short period of time. Dalila was a replacement that came into the house ALREADY stirring up drama with actually every bad girl, which actually showed how much balls she had to insult every girl in the house. Dalila gave this season so much light and entertainment for using her drunk comedy, and to help everyone stop focusing on Jada which effectively made this season very dull, but Dalila did get a beat down from Britt so she can "lay somebody out" which was not fully deserved but it did gave Dalila a signal to watch her mouth. Overall, Dalila did volunteer to go home but was definitely remembered for having one of the most exciting and entertaining moments of the season for a short period of time.

Look at you getting al racheeett


Jada was the main star of Season 12. Jada was involved in many altercations during the house but still managed to stick through the end without going home. She was literally courageous for stepping to almost every bad girl without backing down, and to fight only if she needed to (unlike Britt). Of course Jada could not get a break from the other girls, and was constantly in everyone's mouth throughout the whole house. Instead, she made sure she stayed only towards herself and to give herself more loyalty. Even though she was the "realest" bad girl of the season, she came out the most powerful girl of Season 12.

Jada was a bad bitch season 12 and season 13 she was so childish love me some sarah bitch


Loren was basically the most "lit" bad girl this season. She shows what a "boss bitch" looks like in most people eyes because of her having the most dominant personality this season. Loren did have her bad moments where she seems very "extra" and basically over the top because of her constant yelling and always calling a girl out for sometimes no reason, which also lead most BGC fans to dislike her. However, Loren also shows that she can is a very geniune person (not with Redd) and does not tolerate any disrespect from no bad girl. In conclusion, Loren is not the most liked bad girl this season since she can be extra but she also showed her self to be very supreme this season.


Jonica "Blu" was definitely a relevant girl this season for so many reasons. We all know that Blu was a female pimp and she flirted with almost every girl, but she had a huge storyline with her girlfriend back at home Diamond. Blu really showed how much of a somewhat loyal and devoted person she is, when she always stood up for Aysia whenever the girls were yelling or insulting her. She had Aysia's back more than anyone did this season. Blu also struggled with commitment issues with other girls, and to actually come out to her mom before she finds out her true sexuality. Blu was liked by BGC fans since she was a big flirt and a hot lesbian stud but had her reasons to also be disliked due to not always expressing her true feelings to Redd about being a paid actress, and what some fans might say she kissed Loren's ass in some areas. Blu overall is what you can say a important piece of dynamic.


Aysia was the first replacement of this season and was somewhat dry but also involved in the season's storyline. Some BGC fans say that Aysia hid Blu behind the whole season, which is true but it was necessary for her because Aysia (like Jada) kept getting picked on by Redd, Britt, and sometimes Loren. She tried to stand up for herself at times but even failed to argue most times while she continued to get talked about by Redd and Britt. Eventually she stood up for herself more but got some hate towards fans for not taking her role as a "side chick" with Blu's situation involving Diamond during the house and reunion, while she had the same situation with Blu when she started flirting Raesha. Although she was kind of a dry replacement, she did her best to stand up for herself and she's mostly known for fighting Diamond and mostly involving around Blu who took exactly good care of her.


Raesha is the third replacement (after Dalila) that came the second to last episode. Not much to say about her other than she is Loren's cousin, but she did receive some dislikes due to being somewhat "irrelevant" and for jumping Jada at the reunion since Loren is her cousin, but some say that she didn't get enough camera time to show her true personality.


R.I.P. Linsey. Linsey was very... wild the first night and she did not receive a lot of negative attention from BGC fans but most fans felt that Jada did what she had to do when they fought in the limo.She did although had funny moments like when she talked about seeing Michael Jackson before he died in 2009 with Blu. Even though Linsey wasn't there for very long she was memorable for her first night in the house.

Alex "Slim"

Slim is what everybody says "NOT A BAD GIRL". Slim seemed very uncomfortable in the house because she's not use to the type of environment, and more of a classy modeling type of girl. What really irked the girls off is that Slim acts like she is too good for Bad Girls Club and that she should of been on America's Top Model instead. Slim eventually shows herself to not be a bad girl for not standing up for herself at all and being too worried about her modeling image instead of trying to have fun in the Bad Girls Club. Unfortunately, Slim went home by Blu and Loren, and was disliked by BGC viewers for not being a bad girl and for only standing up to Dalila when the house was against her. Slim is viewed as a beautiful model that was just on the wrong show. Although Slim was hated for no reason by the other girls, and should not receive so much negative attention.


Britt is by far the the LEAST favorable girl this season. Britt did not have a mind of her own and had beef with Jada for exactly NO REASON. She along with Redd constantly talked about Aysia for beef that only Loren had. Not to mention, she only wanted to fight in order to prove a point that she is a bad girl which she had numerous oppurtunties to fight Jada but choose to do it on Dalila instead (on her first 45 min). BGC viewers also says that Britt was fake for talking behind Redd's back without telling her to her face. Britt eventually got to fight Jada at the reunion, and apologized to Dalila truthfully which was the right thing to do.


Redd was disliked by MAJORITY of the viewers for being a big "bully." Redd was called a "paid actress" by Jonica, Loren, and Britt because they felt like Redd wanted attention and the spotlight on her everywhere they go. Although Redd is remembered for her breakdown moment with father and life-coach Laura, she constantly picked and talked about Aysia for no reason and constantly started arguments with Jada that sometimes lead to fights. Not to mention Redd just starting arguments for attention, such as how Jonica describes it. BGC fans described her as being a "bully" especially since she fights Jada who is small, but some say that even with the bully behavior Redd seems like a good person. But let's be honest she's hilarious!

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