Baddest Record Labels

Which record label do you think is the baddest on this Earth?

The Top Ten

1 Young&Fresh Records
2 Grand Hustle
3 Cash Money V 1 Comment
4 RocNation
5 Young Money Entertainment
6 Shady Records

It is the home of em 50 yelawolf slaughterhouse D12 oie trice. It's parent is Aftermath, Dr Dre's label. Basically it has everything going for it

7 SlipNslide Records
8 Bad Boy entertainment
9 DLO Entertainment
10 Hitzcommitee

The Contenders

11 Rise Records
12 Fearless Records
13 Equal Vision Records
14 Forces of Satan Records
15 Arkaik Records
16 Trustkill Records
17 Innervision Records
18 Season of Mist
19 New Light Records
20 Velocity Records
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