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1 Lee Chong Wei

Me 2! I from Malaysia and I love lee chong wei! But sometimes he lose but he win the most!

He is best because he best moves and a target

Lee chong wei is from Malaysia. He always wins in badminton competition in every year.. Even if he won, but he was not arrogant.. He is great, clever and not give up.. He is the hope of our country, I was lucky to be Malaysian.. ^_<... - suzyangel

He's the best

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2 Lin Dan

Super Dan is the best. Out of 37 encounters against Lee Chong Wei, he has won 25..

Won the Olympics in both 2008 and 2012, enough said

Super dan is a god of badminton and he is also a killing machine

Lin Dan is by far the BEST player of ALL TIME. No one in his era or any other comes ANYWHERE NEAR him, not even close. Some of his many, many achievements are:
1. Two time Olympic Champion
2. 5 time World Chamption
3. 6 time All England Champion

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3 Chen Jin
4 Taufik Hidayat

Taufik is the best!

the legend

5 Bao Chunlai

He's an awesome smashe and gets the drops the best

6 Lee Hyun-il
7 Sony Dwi Kuncoro
8 Kenneth Jonassen
9 Chen Long
10 Dionysius Hayom Rumbaka

Keep support hayom ^^b

The Contenders

11 Saina Nehwal

1# women badminton player in the world!

12 P.V. Sindhu

She is the best

13 Viktor Axelsen


14 Sung Ji-hyun

She is so consistent and pretty!

15 Du Pengyu

Very good player, defeated Lee Chong Wei a few times before. Watch his moves, and you won't be dissapointed.

16 Peter Gade
17 Rudy Hartono
18 Joko Suprianto
19 Zhao Jianhua
20 Carolina Marin
21 Nozomi Okuhara
22 Alan Budikusuma
23 Ardy Wiranata
24 Morten Frost
25 Srikanth Kidambi

Bro it is on rank 2 or 3 okay...

He is the present number 1 according to bwf ranking

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