Top Ten Best Bakeries In Utah

Got a sweet tooth? This list is mostly non-chain bakeries that rock our socks off!

The Top Ten

1 Bake 360

This Norwegian bakery/coffee shop has the BEST pastries! The Kuouign Aman is a DO NOT MISS! This store may be responsible for me becoming morbidly obese.

2 Gourmadise, The Bakery

French pastries and a cute cafe.

3 The Sweet Tooth Fairy

You won't get anything savory here, but the sweets here are pretty fantastic. The Twix shortbread bar is TDF if they have it!

4 Banbury Cross

Mainly dealing in donuts, this is the BEST donut shop in town. Period.

5 Normandie Cafe

Nothing here is bad.

6 Mini's Cupcakes

Sort of the mother of cupcakes shops here in Utah.

7 Kneaders Bakery and Cafe

For being a chain, this place is pretty good.

8 Schmidt's Pastry Cottage

This is pretty much the IT store for wedding cakes, and specialty cakes like that.

9 Glaus French Pastry Shoppe
10 Dunford Bakery

Mostly a purveyor of donuts, but their chocolate cake donut is hard to beat.

The Contenders

11 Mrs. Backer's Bakery
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