Best Bakugan Characters


The Top Ten

1 Shun Kazami
2 Daniel Kuso
3 Ace Grit

He is the best character. I wish he came back with Mira in Mechtanium Surge... *Sigh...*

4 Spectra Phantom (Keith Clay)

In my opinion, Spectra was the best rival in the series. His relationship with his fellow Vexos members, Mira, Professor Clay, and Dan helped made him a very enjoyable character to watch. He was a very unpredictable character and did not expect him to actually join with the Brawlers. I was so excited when he returned in Mechtanium Surge Arc 1, and wish he was in more episodes of it and should have been in Arc 2.

5 Mira Clay

She went through traumatic experiences. Seeing her brother who considered her hero torturing bakugans and watching her father slowly go mad...Must have sting. Besides, she is the only one who got bittersweet ending at the end of season 2.(Professor Clay was Spectra's father too but it didn't effected him much)

She reminds me of Runo Misaki.

6 Masquerade
7 Fabia Sheen
8 Gunz Lazar
9 Runo Misaki

I can relate to her.

My most her loads..

10 Choji Marukura

The Contenders

11 Julie Makimoto
12 Shadow Prove
13 Baron Leltoy

Baron is my favorite. I like rooting for an underdog.

14 Alice Gehabich

She's a cool Bakugan Brawler and many can relate to her.

She's sensitive. She didn't deserve to have friends who affect her with conflicts at all.

15 Joe

Joe is so precious. He's adorable, cute and hot. He should've made more appearances. He should be 2nd - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

16 Lync Volan

He's such an amusing character and he can never decide which side on

17 Mylene Farrow
18 Preyas

He is super amusing and fun to watch. Also, he went through a ton of character development throughout the series, more than a lot of the main characters even. Preys is the best! - DemonSpider253

19 Ren Krawler
20 Gus Grav
21 Chan Lee
22 Billy Gilbert
23 Marucho

I liked him.

24 Skyress
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