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1 Player Player

Actually, I think it was used to test it's a bully before he looked like how he does now.

The image for this guy is not the player, it is Placeface, I guy who was used to test the AI.

2 Gotta Sweep Gotta Sweep

It's sweepin time!



3 1st Prize 1st Prize

Helps you out to get the new secret ending in Baldi's Basic's. He helped me out a lot by pushing me away from baldi and to the exit.

4 Baldi Baldi

How is the star of the game not first?

I like him very much

5 Filename2 Filename2
6 Principal of the Thing Principal of the Thing

Whoops, I voted in the hall, detention for me. - PatrickStar3

No voting for other people except for principal of the thing in the halls. detention for you when will you learn

No voting in the hall! detention for you!

7 Friend

Damn he is so clumsy

8 It's a Bully It's a Bully
9 Arts and Crafters Arts and Crafters

Reminds me of sussie

10 Playtime Playtime

She's so annoying and she always catches me to do some bloody skipping when Baldi shows up. - PatrickStar3

Markiplier’s worst nightmare - Not_A_Weeaboo

LETS PLAY AGAIN! SOMETIMES... EE YAA YAA KNOWW AGAIN... LETS PLAY! ONE TWO OOPS! I MESSED UP! she’s so adorable and innocent, and I have a theory she is what happens to the really bad students.

The Contenders

11 Cloudy Copter Cloudy Copter

He's aa cool character

12 PlaceFace PlaceFace
13 McJuggerNuggets McJuggerNuggets

The frick

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