Top Ten Greatest Baltimore Orioles Players of All Time


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1 Cal Ripken Jr.

Cal is 5th at best

I love Brooks Robinson, but I was curious, so I looked up these comparisons. Brooks played 2896 games in his career as a lifelong Oriole, leading the league a few times in Games Played. Brooks made 11782 Plate Appearances. Cal played 3001 games in his career as a lifelong Oriole, of course leading the league several times in Games Played. Cal made 12883 Plate Appearances. I really had thought Brooks might lead in one of those categories, but I wasn't shocked that Cal led both. I thought maybe Brooks might have enough edge defensively to outweigh Cal's offensive contributions, so I checked. Brooks WAR is 78.4, dWAR 38.8, oWAR 47.4. Cal's WAR is 95.5, dWAR 34.6, oWAR 77.2.

Cal did more for the Orioles than Brooks did.

2 Brooks Robinson

Should be #2

3 Jim Palmer

Should be #4

4 George Sisler
5 Eddie Murray

Should be #3

6 Mike Mussina
7 Boog Powell
8 Dave McNally
9 Ken Williams
10 Frank Robinson

It's a glaring mistake not to rank him higher - Billyv

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11 Adam Jones Adam Jones Adam Thomas Jones (born January 15, 1965) is a three-time Grammy Award-winning American musician and visual artist, best known for his position as the guitarist for Tool. V 1 Comment
12 Nick Markakis
13 Nelson Cruz
14 Brian Roberts
15 J.J. Hardy
16 Manny Machado
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1. Cal Ripken Jr.
2. Jim Palmer
3. Brooks Robinson
1. Cal Ripken Jr.
2. Brooks Robinson
3. Jim Palmer
1. Cal Ripken Jr.
2. Jim Palmer
3. George Sisler


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