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1 Angus Young Angus Young Angus McKinnon Young is an Australian guitarist of Scottish origin, best known as the co-founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and sole constant member of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. When performing live he does his own version of Chuck Berry's "duck walk" and has also spun on his side while more.

Angus Young is definitely the best member! Number one he and Malcolm Young are the ones who got AC/DC together number two he is one of the best guitar players ever so if you don't who's the best out of these guys its ANGUS!

Just gotta love Angus

The very best of AC/DC

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2 Bon Scott Bon Scott Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott was a Scottish-born Australian rock musician, best known for being the lead singer and lyricist of Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1974 until his death in 1980. He was born in Forfar and lived in Kirriemuir, Scotland, for 5 years before moving to Melbourne, Australia, more.

Out Of All The Singers AC/DC Has Had This Guy Is The Best! - rocker1796

3 Brian Johnson Brian Johnson Brian Johnson is an English singer and songwriter. Since 1980, he is the lead singer of the Australian rock band AC/DC, with whom he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. As of April 2016, Johnson is not participating in the remainder of the Rock or Bust World Tour due to hearing more.

Bon Scott was a better singer but Brian represents the spirit of AC DC better. He's funny and cool on stage

Best singer of all time

4 Malcolm Young

Malcom Young should be next to Angus because he is the rhytm guitarist so then Angus can make them awesome solos with his backing

5 Phil Rudd Phil Rudd Phillip Hugh Norman Rudd is a New Zealand-based Australian drummer, best known for his membership in Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1975 through 1983, and again from 1994 to 2015. Upon the 1977 departure of bass guitarist Mark Evans from AC/DC, Rudd became the only Australian-born member of the more.
6 Cliff Williams Cliff Williams Clifford 'Cliff' Williams is a British musician who has been a member of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC as their bassist and backing vocalist since mid-1977. He had started his professional music career in 1967 and was previously in the British groups Home and Bandit.
7 Mark Evans
8 Chris Slade
9 Ron Carpenter
10 Simon Wright

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11 Dave Evans
12 Stevie Young
13 George Young
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1. Bon Scott
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1. Angus Young
2. Bon Scott
3. Malcolm Young
1. Angus Young
2. Brian Johnson
3. Bon Scott

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