Band Names That Replace a Word With "Fart"

Yes, I know it's childish,but so's also a lot of fun :P
Please do feel free to add some of your own.....

The Top Ten

1 Public Fart (Public Enemy)
2 Super Furry Farts (Super Furry Animals)
3 Fart Day (Green Day)
4 Fart Fighters (Foo Fighters)
5 Sex Farts (Sex Pistols)
6 Judas Fart (Judas Priest)
7 Tenacious Fart (Tenacious D)

Especially for those ones that get deliberately pushed out. know the ones... - Britgirl

8 Red Hot Chili Farts (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
9 The Rolling Farts (The Rolling Stones)
10 Selena Gomez & The Fart (Serena Gomez & The Scene)

The Contenders

11 Fart Patrol (Snow Patrol)
12 My Chemical Fart (My Chemical Romance)

I wonder what's the chemical name for fart...

13 Fart Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)
14 Fart Fart (Duran Duran)

Hey now silly Batgirl, I like Duran Duran, Psychedelic Furs, and Smashing Pumpkins. But I'm very glad you never added Tears For Fears. - Gehenna

15 The Moody Farts (The Moody Blues)

Ha! The Moody Farts. The very successful tribute act who played at Jerry Atrik's 90th Birthday party at the rest home. - Britgirl

16 Nine Inch Farts (Nine Inch Nails)

My farts could range to 6 meters...

17 Mercyful Fart (Mercyful Fate)
18 30 Seconds To Fart (30 Seconds To Mars)

30 Farts To Mars - Userguy44

19 Captain Beefheart and his Fart Band (Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band)
20 The Psychedelic Farts (The Psychedelic Furs)
21 The Smashing Farts (The Smashing Pumpkins)
22 Fart & Go (Touch & Go)
23 Village Farts - Village People
24 ZZ Fart - ZZ Top
25 Deep Fart (Deep Purple)
26 Scorpion Fart - Scorpion Child
27 The Fart (The Cure)
28 Twisted Fart (Twisted Sister)

Courtesy of me. :) I went for something a bit more bizarre. - RockFashionista

29 The Farts (The Beatles)
30 Maroon Fart (Maroon 5)
31 Fart Park (Linkin Park)

I wonder if anyone will go to such a park...oh, wait! It's a band!

32 The Fartles (The Beatles)
33 Fart Eat World (Jimmy Eat World)
34 One Fart - One Direction
35 Fart Theater (Dream Theater)
36 Fart Convention (Fairport Convention)
37 Rage Against the Fart (Rage Against the Machine)
38 Type O Fart (Type O Negative)
39 Fart Factory (Fear Factory)
40 Porcupine Fart (Porcupine Tree)
41 Linkin Fart (Linkin Park)

Or Fart Park - Userguy44

42 Three Days Fart (Three Days Grace)
43 Saint Fart (Saint Asonia)
44 Alice in Farts (Alice in Chains)
45 Limp Fart (Limp Bizkit)
46 Fart Leppard (Def Leppard)
47 Fart Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
48 Fart No More (Faith No More)
49 Fart Monkeys (Arctic Monkeys)
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