Top Ten Band Names Replacing a Word With Waffle


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1 Iron Waffle

Waffle made of iron? I wonder how that tastes like...(and I think Waffle Maiden works too) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

2 Waffle Fighters
3 Waffles N' Roses
4 Waffles the Kings
5 Sleeping With Waffles
6 Waffle Day

I want a waffle day

7 Nine Inch Waffles

Hi kids do you like violence?
Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Waffles into each one of my eyelids? - AlphaQ

8 My Chemical Waffle

Tastes like science

9 Pink Waffle
10 Red Hot Chili Waffles

The Contenders

11 5 Seconds of Waffles
12 Smashing Waffles
13 The Waffle Method
14 The Rolling Waffles
15 Waffle Beggars
16 Waffle Society

Also Lost Waffle (the band name is Lost Society) - Metal_Treasure

17 One Waffle
18 Waffles & Wizards
19 The Waffle Anthem
20 The Moody Waffles
21 Waffle Division
22 Waffle War
23 Black Veil Waffles
24 Blue Waffle

This needs to be 1!

25 Led Waffle

How about waffle zeppelin? - PositronWildhawk

I've eaten some of these - drop right to the bottom of my stomach 😣 - Billyv

26 Waffle Zeppelin
27 Waffle-Vana (Nirvana)
28 Waffle Beatles

Waffle Beatles in the city. Be back immediately to confiscate the money. - AlphaQ

29 Waffle 182
30 Of Waffles and Men

This is pretty awesome. - Merilille

31 Waffle Guardian
32 Iced Waffle
33 Waffles of Bodom
34 Thin Waffle

It's from Thin Lizzy. - Metal_Treasure

35 Lost Waffle
36 Waffle Shop Boyz
37 Waffle & Garfunkel
38 Blue Waffle Cult
39 Waffle 5
40 Insane Waffle Posse
41 Grand Funk Waffle
42 The Mamas and the Waffle
43 Three Dog Waffle
44 Three Waffle Night
45 Waffle Dog Night
46 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Waffle
47 Pierce the Waffle
48 Waffleness
49 The Waffle Blues
50 30 Seconds to Waffles
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1. Iron Waffle
2. Waffle Fighters
3. Waffles N' Roses
1. Sleeping With Waffles
2. The Rolling Waffles
3. Waffle Beggars
1. My Chemical Waffle
2. The Waffle Method
3. Nine Inch Waffles


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