Band Names with One Word Replaced with "Potato"

The Top Ten

1 Guns N' Potatoes (Guns N' Roses)

No explanation further needed.

Cool - Ananya

2 Theory of a Potato (Theory of a Deadman)

What's the theory again?

I think Potato of a Deadman would be better. - LordDovahkiin

3 Bring Me the Potato (Bring Me the Horizon)
4 Potato for My Valentine (Bullet for My Valentine)
5 Potatoallica (Metallica)

It's a very fast potato!

6 Imagine Potatoes (Imagine Dragons)

Who doesn't imagine potatoes? LOL.

They all sound so funny. It's hard to pick. - Catlover2004

Potato dragons is better

7 Potato! At the Disco (Panic! At the Disco)
8 Judas Potato (Judas Priest)
9 The Rolling Potatoes (The Rolling Stones)

They roll all over the place!

10 System of Potatoes (System of a Down)

Yep enough said.

The Contenders

11 Potatoback (Nickelback)

Pretty damn funny if I say so myself.

12 Potato Day (Green Day)

Who wouldn't love this day?

Nah, I don't like potatoes that much - Ananya

13 Demons & Potatoes (Demons & Wizards)
14 Potato Fold (Avenged Sevenfold)
15 Potato Corpse (Cannibal Corpse)

It came back from the grave somehow...

16 Potatodeth (Megadeth)

This potato is very deth it can't hear anything!

17 Potato Park (Linkin Park)

It's a park for potatoes!

18 Potato of Mudd (Puddle of Mudd)
19 Iron Potato (Iron Maiden)

Where's the dentist again? - Ananya

Aah! My teeth! - waldo

20 Black Veil Potatoes (Black Veil Brides)

These are spoiled potatoes not good to eat... overall.

21 The Potatoes (The Beatles)
22 Potatoera (Pantera)
23 Potato of God (Lamb of God)

A potato blessed by god.

24 Pink Potato (Pink Floyd)
25 Blind Potato (Blind Guardian)
26 King Potato (King Crimson)
27 Potatowish (Nightwish)
28 Potatokill (Overkill)
29 Potatoforce (Dragonforce)
30 Potatostorm (Alestorm)
31 The Jimi Potato Experience (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

They only recorded three albums: Are you Potato, Axis: Bold as Potato, and Electric Potatoland - waldo

32 Potato Head (Radio Head)
33 Limp Potato (Limp Bizkit)
34 Potatoes Everywhere! (Vampires Everywhere!)

Lol- BoredJeff02.

35 Iced Potato (Iced Earth)
36 ManOPotato (ManOwar)
37 Thin Potato (Thin Lizzy)
38 Saint Potato (Saint Asonia)
39 Potato Against the Machine (Rage Against the Machine)
40 Five Potato Punch (Five Finger Death Punch)
41 Potatohem (Mayhem)

Trve Potato Blvck Metal

42 Maroon Potato (Maroon 5)
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