Top Ten Bands In North Bengal

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1 Ostitwo

Just like there performance

No need to explain just like the music...

The most deserving band

I like this band

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2 Evil Insignia

Alt metal band with powerful/meaningfull lyrics. Having a large no. Of supporters in north bengal

Surprises are knocking at the door guys stay tuned... With us

Best in my views - budhaditya54

You people are awesome... Waiting for some new tracks!

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3 Down syndrome

Should be number 1.others r no match

At least we brought some new stuffs in the rock scenario of North bengal...

The best progressive rock band in the whole North Bengal

The best band of North Bengal...

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4 Jehad

Doing well... Go on... Rock on

The sound of the band is really Impressive.

All the best guys... do well... always keep entertaining us...

Best of luck guyzz

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5 Mo2 (Music Oxide

Blues rock band from silliguri

My like its..

6 Rhapsody of Milestones

Highly experimental metalcore band with a influence of progressive music m/

Best of my view

7 Human Persecution

Just listen... I m sure you will be a slave of this band...

Sick and brutal, metal on with brutal deathcore m/

Last day human persecution reached 18% vote, its parciality

8 Ether
9 bong earth
10 Chaos

The Contenders

11 When Stories End

Best deathcore band from northeast

Perfect sound for deathcore genre

Awesome band

12 Digantishan

They are just best in alternative rOCK...

Joy RocK... - Avishek

Digantishan a well known Band from Siliguri (North Bengal). Though they have gone through the massive Changes of Line up... But they are still united and doing a greet job in Rock Scenerio...

SaNtRasH a well known Composition of this band (DiGaNtisHan). They are doing a great job in Alternative Bengali rOCK mUZIk. You must sing SaNtRasH with them. U can't stop yourself after listening SaNtRasH. Best Melody and Rhythem you will find. - Avishek

13 The Nobody Cares Band
14 Namless

Best Progressive Rock/metal band ever in North bengal...Nameless is Indian Dream Theater..m/

15 ik Tara

Folk style with soft rock

We all like your first song... Waiting for the next upcoming song so all the best...

I like this band

Soft rock with folk style

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16 The Dooars Band

We all support you

We want a track

I just love the base guitarist...

I Just Love the Lead Singer. He Is very Charming & Cute Voice Human.

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17 Nexxus

Lovely band

I really enjoyed with this band performance

They are mind blowing rock stars

Check out in youtube

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18 Tathastu

The Band formed very recently And has comeup to be an exception in terms of the Choice of Music and their Dedication to which they have reached. Do check them out at Facebook, Youtube and Reverbnation


Best band

This band has came up with an unique taste of music. The Shiv mantra was just great that u guys performed in Kalyani...I m a great fan of your band...keep rockng guys...m/

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19 Purono Guitar

Best Melo_Rock band in North Bengal


20 Dhrubotara

Music in air

Banagla rock band from Siliguri - Ranabir

21 Touch
22 Dirty Frank
23 Jaazib
24 Seven Chords_
25 Living Soulz
26 Divine Souls
27 Flippers

No doubt they make crowd and paddle everyone's head

28 Parikrama
29 Maharaja
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