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41 Peter Tosh (Jamaica)
42 Dimmu Borgir (Norway) Dimmu Borgir (Norway) Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993. The name is derived from Dimmuborgir, a volcanic formation in Iceland, the name of which means "dark cities" or "dark castles/fortresses" in Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse.
43 Sonata Arctica (Finland) Sonata Arctica (Finland) Sonata Arctica is a Finnish power metal band from the town of Kemi, Finland. Created as a hard rock band named Tricky Beans, they later changed to Tricky Means and finally to Sonata Arctica, when they shifted to power metal.
44 Shocking Blue (Netherlands)
45 Shania Twain (Canada)
46 The Jeff Healey Band (Canada)
47 Alanis Morissette (Canada) Alanis Morissette (Canada)
48 The Guess Who (Canada) The Guess Who (Canada) The Guess Who was a Canadian rock band formed in 1962. The band was formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is mostly known for their hit "American Woman".
49 The Easybeats (Australia)
50 Three Days Grace (Canada)
51 Sinead O'Connor (Ireland) Sinead O'Connor (Ireland) Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra.
52 Neil Young (Canada) Neil Young (Canada) Neil Percival Young, OC OM is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, producer, director and screenwriter.
53 Johnny Hallyday (France)
54 Francoise Hardy (France)
55 Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde)
56 Soilwork (Sweden) Soilwork (Sweden) Soilwork is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Helsingborg. They are signed to Nuclear Blast. Formed in late 1995 by Björn Strid and Peter Wichers, originally under the name Inferior Breed, the band changed their name in late 1996 to Soilwork.
57 Hammerfall (Sweden) Hammerfall (Sweden) HammerFall is a Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath guitarist Oscar Dronjak.
58 Cauldron (Canada)
59 Bryan Adams (Canada)
60 Kalmah (Finland)
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