how I became obsessed with music

gemcloben I am known to be one of the biggest metalheads on this site. Here is how I became the metal loving nutter I am today. Enjoy!

It all began in about 2009, when I listened to the radio a lot. I used to mainly listen to rock. But not the type I listen to now. I listened to more Alternative, like kings of Leon. There was one song however, what changed my view on music forever.

There was an advert that included the song "space oddity" by David Bowie. My dad was a fan, so he introduced me to it. I then became obsessed with that song. Because of this, I wanted to hear it all the time. So, I listened to it on my dad's laptop. I also found other songs looking on it. I also found don't stop me now.

I used this song on a YouTube video, and started to like it. I listened to it a lot on YouTube. I also saw we will rock you by queen, and I was so shocked it was the same band. Through suggestions on YouTube, I found "eye of the tiger" and "the final countdown". They became my favourite songs.

I continued listening to queen, and I had a huge obsession with it. I had all of their songs, I listened to them all the time and knew everything about them. My sister said "it won't last, when you get older, you will start liking good music, like Beyonce"... How wrong was she.

I also started listening to other rock bands like the Beatles and Adam and the ants. It became an obsession of mine, the biggest one I had. I then realised that I had an insane obsession with queen. I got tickets to the " we will rock you" musical and just became obsessed. I commented on and liked every queen video in YouTube, and was known as the queen fan at school. I especially loved Brian's solos, and I wanted to be able to do that.

I then got guitar lessons. The first song I played, like any other player ever, was smoke on the water. I felt so proud LOL! I then learned other stuff. I became obsessed with it.

I also learned highway to hell. That was the start of my hard rock obsession. I downloaded the best of rock on my phone and I found some great bands like motorhead, black Sabbath, metallica and many others.

One day, I was watching TV. My sister had her s*** music on, and I asked if I can choose the channel. It was kerrang. Iron maiden was on. I thought "woah". I listened to more, and loved it. I then realised that I was into heavier things, so I typed in best metal bands and stuff like that in YouTube. I then found watchmojo. It showed me bands like megadeth, pantera, venom and many other bands I love.

I then wanted more than just watchmojo, so I typed best guitarists into google. I found a very amazing site called thetoptens. I also wanted more metal bands, and when I found out it is the same site, I used it for everything. I eventually signed up to the site that introduced me to Judas priest. It was amazing.

All the bands mentioned in this post were a huge part of my love of music. Here are some of my favourites:
Thrash metal: metallica, megadeth, slayer, anthrax, testament, sepultura.
Speed metal: venom and motorhead.
Death metal: possessed, cannibal corpse, death and opeth.
Black metal: as I lay dying, venom and bathory.
Groove metal: pantera and lamb of god.
Other metal: black Sabbath, Judas priest and iron maiden.
Hard rock: AC/DC, guns n roses and queen.
Classic rock: the Beatles, the rolling stones, the who, deep purple led Zeppelin, David bowie.
Bands who got me into music: David bowie, queen, AC/DC, iron maiden and last but not least: METALLICA!
Thank you for reading.


"Space Oddity" is a damned fine way to get into music. - PetSounds

Great post! These are all great bands. - IronSabbathPriest

"Great music like Beyonce"
*cringes* - PositronWildhawk

Great post - keep rocking'! - Metal_Treasure

When I Was 6, I Learned Smoke On The Water On Wednesday, September 8th, 2010, On My Very First Guitar Lesson. - BeatlesFan1964