Bands You Should Have Heard of By Now, But Probably Haven't

Any bands that get like, 4 views on their most popular music videos, or nobody else you've ever met has heard of them. Not bands that are just under the radar of the popular radio channels; I'm talking SUPER underrated to a point of concern. ONLY 400 VIEWS? BUT THEY'RE SOUND IS ANGELIC!

(PS the purpose of this isn't to complain, it's to introduce people to awesome bands/artists they never knew they needed).

Only add an artist if they're basically unheard of.

The Top Ten

1 Jadu Heart
2 Desperate Journalist
3 Teenage Wrist
4 Dolly Spartans
5 Nothing but Thieves

I know they're pretty well known but more people deserve to know about them. Definitely one of the best vocals I've ever heard in today's music. - Ev116

6 Run River North
7 Sipper
8 Daughter
9 Speedy Ortiz
10 Nightmare of You
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