Best Bands You're Likely to Know by Another Name


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1 The Quarrymen The Quarrymen

May you know them as The Beatles... - waldo

2 Earth Earth

Today, Earth is the name of a drone metal band! - djpenquin999

The Old name of Black Sabbath - waldo

Was a psych/blues band before naming themselves to BS. - zxm

3 Smile Smile

They don't seem to smile on the picture - waldo

Better known as Queen - waldo

4 The Yardbirds The Yardbirds The Yardbirds are an English rock band formed in London in 1963 that had a string of hits during the mid-1960s, including "For Your Love", "Heart Full of Soul" and "Over Under Sideways Down".

Ever heard of Led Zeppelin? - waldo

25 oct is my Birthday! - waldo

5 The Detours The Detours

The Who, Everybody, The Who - waldo

6 Sweet Children Sweet Children

A song, and the old name of Green Day - waldo

7 Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem

Just call them Red Hot Chili Peppers - waldo

Wow! They succeeded to shorten it significantly. Still pretty long though (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Their first name goes to my list Top 10 Unusually Long Band Names - Metal_Treasure

8 Pen Cap Chew Pen Cap Chew

A song and old Band name, this time from Nirvana - waldo

9 Majesty Majesty Majesty is the original band that would eventually become the American progressive metal band Dream Theater. It formed in 1985 with the original members being John Petrucci, John Myung, and Mike Portnoy.

Therefore Dream Theatre's Logo - waldo

10 Revelation

Ups, it's revelation (sorry) - waldo

Therefore from Genesis to Revalation - waldo

The Contenders

11 The Hawks

The Band - Billyv

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