Best Bands You're Likely to Know by Another Name


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1 The Quarrymen The Quarrymen

May you know them as The Beatles... - waldo

2 Earth Earth

Today, Earth is the name of a drone metal band! - djpenquin999

The Old name of Black Sabbath - waldo

Was a psych/blues band before naming themselves to BS. - zxm

Yes, this BS band! Literally... - Lucretia

3 Smile Smile

They don't seem to smile on the picture - waldo

Better known as Queen - waldo

4 The Yardbirds The Yardbirds The Yardbirds are an English rock band formed in London in 1963 that had a string of hits during the mid-1960s, including "For Your Love", "Heart Full of Soul" and "Over Under Sideways Down".

Ever heard of Led Zeppelin? - waldo

25 oct is my Birthday! - waldo

5 The Detours The Detours

The Who, Everybody, The Who - waldo

6 Sweet Children Sweet Children

A song, and the old name of Green Day - waldo

7 Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem

Just call them Red Hot Chili Peppers - waldo

Wow! They succeeded to shorten it significantly. Still pretty long though (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Their first name goes to my list Top 10 Unusually Long Band Names - Metal_Treasure

8 Pen Cap Chew Pen Cap Chew

A song and old Band name, this time from Nirvana - waldo

9 Majesty Majesty

Therefore Dream Theatre's Logo - waldo

I like Majesty better. - Lucretia

10 Revelation Revelation

Ups, it's revelation (sorry) - waldo

Therefore from Genesis to Revalation - waldo

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11 The Hawks

The Band - Billyv

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