Best Bangladeshi Singers


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1 Linkon

The Beast & The Best

If this guy is george lincoln d'costa, then he should be higher. I mean there are many singers. But no one could beat this guy. He sings in different ways, sometimes slow paced, sometimes low paced. right when it needs - zxm

2 Arnob Arnob

Arnob is the best singer in Bangladesh, he has the ability to doing good music lively which is like almost original track!

He is the best singer and composer of Bangladesh.

Arnob is always legendary musician in Bangladesh!

No word to describe him properly.
Legend of bangladesh❤️❤️.

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3 Oyan Hossain Rashed

who's he? - zxm

4 Andrew Kishore

Best singer of Bangladesh

Perfect Gentle voice. The best playback singer of BD

Number 1 playback singer of bd

Nothing to say about him...he is an asset of one in front of him...he is evergreen artist...he should be number 1

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5 Faiyaz Hossain

Not a powerful singer for singing power metal. But his voice is clean, soft. Could be a great singer in future (upcoming albums) - zxm

Quite good voice. especially when singing in slow pace - zxm

6 Asif Akbar

Asif Akbar is the most popular singer in Bangladesh undoubtedly..

He is the best singer in bangladesh.

He is the best singer in bangladesh.

Best in Bangladesh

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7 Mizan Rahman

Best hard rock singer - zxm

8 Jon Kabir Jon Kabir
9 Zohad Reza Chowdhury Zohad Reza Chowdhury

Another good singer of BD. has powerful vocals. - zxm

10 Runa Laila

The Contenders

11 Aiyub Bachchu

twice here - zxm

12 James

I love James

... The top .

He's best

13 Sabina Yasmin
14 Habib

His songs suck (to me). - zxm

Best of Bangladesh

Awesome singer

Habib wahid

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15 Ayub Bacchu

On top. but he's a boring sludge to me. - zxm

I'm gonna have to cross him on remix. until he reaches the end of the list. very overrated. - zxm

16 Porshi
17 Balam Balam

His best works were when he was in Warfaze. I heard he has become a pop artist. I've never heard a single song of him as solo artist. - zxm

My favourite singer

18 Arfin Rumi
19 Topu Topu
20 Tahsan Rahman Khan Tahsan Rahman Khan

Tahsan khan is an extraordinary artist
He is one of the best modern singers of bd.
He is different from other for his different lyrics.he reveals emotion nicely in his songs.he is not only a singer but also an actor a musician,lyricist,model teacher after all he is an extraordinary genius

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