Best Barbie: Life In the Dreamhouse Characters


The Top Ten

1 Chelsea

Because Chelsea is the cutest and kind of evil

2 Barbie

No she teaches nothing goes wrong. NO.

What is she doing in the best list

i hate her

3 Midge

Midge is adorable and I loved how they included her again! Also, I loved the episode where they introduced her

4 Ken
5 Raquelle

Shes insane I LOVE IT

6 Therrasa
7 Nikki

She's sassy, I love it...BLACK GIRLS ROCK!

8 Summer

Dude shes the best

9 Stacie

She is nice

10 Skipper

The Contenders

11 Taffy
12 Ryan
13 Tonny
14 Blissa
15 Closet
16 News Reporter
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