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1 Barbie: Princess Charm School

This is actually the best barbie movie I had ever seen. I used to hate Barbie movies but I started liking them when I watched this.

Nah it's not really the best Barbie movie ever in my opinion, the modern Barbie movies are terrible, the classics are 10 times more interesting and cool. The Princess and the Pauper or Rapunzel should be number one. Why can't Mattel create more creative and not so sparkly and pinky colours movies?

I was in the bookstore and somehow a barbie picture book hit me. I had never been interested in barbie before, thinking it was way too girly. But this movie really changed me and it is really amazing

Best best best why doesn’t it comes on my T.V.

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2 Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

To be honest any kind of barbie movie or even the show makes my heart just come right out of my chest. I had a bad life and I just started melting down but then I started watching and playing with barbie dolls and even bratz dolls so they just make me feel much better and also make me go to a different world. And one more thing this is my MOST favorite barbie movie I just love it so much.

This is definitely my FAVORITE barbie movie, I could watch it over and over!

I love it I could also watch it over and over again I also love it cause I love to do ballet


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3 Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

I really love this movie. It deserves it.

I really like how it was set in paris and is different to other barbie movies GREAT MOVIE

I love the movie it is one of my fave I love how she gets fired then thinks of her aunt to put up a fashion line

I love this movie

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4 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

Hands down best Barbie movie ever! It teaches everything starting from the hardships of being a princess and her duties for her kingdom, how poor people can dream, equality, live, friendship even in the hardest times, love (sisterly, animals, relationships), and about the importance and duties in a family. This has to be number one, and I rarely even like to pick favorites! I love the pairs as it is ironic at the same time valuable, your background doesn't determine your fate or love. And how you could change through someone who is always besides you. A princess can be smart, brave, witty, and know which spoon to use! A pauper can have talents that are priceless! Best movie ever!

Duty, love, responsibility, friendship and staying true to who you are. These are the lessons I learned from this movie when I was 7 years old. Now, at 19, these morals still ring true. Princess and the Pauper is a timeless Barbie classic (with the best soundtrack, may I add). I'm surprised this doesn't rank #1, especially because it influenced me more than any of the other Barbie movies combined. It's real, yet true. Cause I'm just a girl like you

This is a really good Barbie movie. It has beautiful songs and good characters. However, this movie can get a bit slow if you are over the age of 7 and are not a hardcore Barbie fan. Another downside is the animation is awful, but I can't really blame them for that. Overall, this is probably my fifth favorite Barbie movie and if you haven't seen it, it's worth the watch.

I shipped the pairs before I even knew what shipping was.

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5 Barbie & The Diamond Castle

Before my friend and I got separated, this is our favorite barbie movie and is the reason why we became friends. Now that we are in college, we may have separated but this is will always be our connection.

This is the most fabulous movie and I love there dresses and there songs it's the best I promise if you haven't watched it you should it very cool

This Barbie movie has an amazing plot, great songs, great characters, and beautiful music. It is my 2nd favorite Barbie movie (my favorite is Swan lake) and though some Barbie movies are really slow and hard to rewatch unless you are like 3, this one is awesome.


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6 Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar

This in my opinion was not a great movie. It sort of ripped off Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper which is one of my favorites. They even used the song To Be a Princess but changed it a little, still the tune was the same. I just think they are running out of ideas.

I absolutely hated this movie. Not only does it rip off an excellent previous movie, but it offers such confusing plot points that, even as a kid, bothered me. For instance, those brushes that change hair: they just come out of nowhere. They have magic in this world? Where did they get them? Why couldn't they just use wigs? Oh whatever. Kids, this movie is a punishment. Watch something else.

This is my favorite one. Why isn't it number 1? The songs rocked, the characters rocked and the action just rocked!

Suppper barbie movie I have ever seen awesome

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7 Barbie in A Mermaid Tale

In my opinion I wouldn't put any of the recent Barbie movies in my top 10, I would put Barbie in a Nutcracker, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper and Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus well because they are the only ones I enjoyed

I love this because it remembers me of 2011/2012 because that was great years with Hannah Montana series, Best Summer... And of course fantastic movie

I kid you not... I counted down the days till this movie came out... I honestly loved this movie!

The best movie I have ever seen of barbies

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8 The Barbie Diaries

Love the drama in this movie! They should make another barbie movie like this, but instead of barbie, it should be skipper and the animation should more modern. A little bored of the princess stuff, they need more juicy but kid friendly movies like this one.

This movie is awful. I give them credit for trying to appeal to teens, but this movie is so cringey and basically talks about bullying and stuff like that. I appreciate the message and what they were going for, but it just didn't really work out.

I love this movie. How I see it: it's like reality, a girl who changes because of popularity, but then realizes that popularity is not everything and because of everything she does'nt realize her best friend likes her. I just love the story!

This&Spy Squad r my favorite Barbie movies ever

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9 Barbie In the Pink Shoes

Why is this movie ranked so high? I didn't like it one bit...and that's coming from someone who usually loves Barbie.

I loved this movie! The ballet I enjoyed, I loved the message, and the fact that they had the Snow Queen was awesome!

Barbie's legs broke and she had to go to hospital, so no one wore the Pink Shoes. The End. - TwilightKitsune

Better classic film than Frozen!

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10 Barbie: The Pearl Princess

Most boring barbie movie in the history of barbie movies, even my young sister thinks that!

It's alright pretty boring

The best movie I have ever seen

Best movie ever and I have watched everyone and have them all on dvd

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11 Barbie: A Fairy Secret

I've watched this movie multiple times and I just love it! I'm 12 and I still watch barbie movies occasionally because they remind me so much of my childhood. The stories are fantastic, especially this one!

I've watched it multiple times and this movie is the best movie ever seen in Barbie History! I think this movie should come #1! I am like 10 now and I still watch them because they are such great movies

I love this movie! Especially the little accessories and outfits. The name of the store in that fairy place is cute too, Wings N' Things!

This my favorite movie ever. I don't get why it's so low. It should be in the top 10.

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12 Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2

Loved the first one and this one! but I think this one was better because there were more characters and a better storyline

Fantastic movie

Love this and the first one hope will be there the third one...hope so much... - skyes

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13 Barbie as The Island Princess

Love the music. SO BEAUTIFUL! WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS RATED SO LOW? Well... to be fair, I mostly like it for nostalgia...

By far the best movie. Dramatic, a bit sad, a beautiful end, good looking characters, great songs and probably the most beautiful and exotic dress in Barbie history. Plus there are animals which makes it all more interesting. And the villain is also really hateable. This is a piece of art and should be placed a lot higher in my opinion

This was one of the best movies ever I don't care what anyone else thinks


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14 Barbie and the Three Muskeeters

As a kid, I loved this movie so much! I had to buy it on blu ray twice because I watched it almost every day! This is definitely my second favorite Barbie movie. It teaches great life lessons, and doesn't have the cliche ending like half the movie series where the girl and the guy get married. She puts love second and her career and dreams before the guy.

This film is a really girl-empowering, inspirational fun watch! I can believe it is so far down! This film teaches young kids (and adults) that although others may not always believe in you first, you can prove them wrong and achieve your dreams! You CAN do ANYTHING!

This film is honestly my guilty pleasure. It actually has some good lessons to teach young girls and is very entertaining.

My second favorite after princess charm school.

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15 Barbie as Rapunzel

This has always been one of my favorite Barbie movies. I'm surprised at how far down on the list it is. People are voting for all the newer movies which are trash in comparison to the old ones.

Why isn't this is the top 10? I love this movie! The old Barbie movies remain my favourites and should be in the top 10, this includes Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus and Barbie and the Nutcracker

This was the first barbie movie I watched and it was great because I had never seen such a thing when I watched it. I guess now because lots of newer movies have come out it isn't as popular anymore but when it was released I think it was worth watching.

This was simply one of the most amazing barbie movies of all times. This really belongs in the top ten. I think the early barbie movies had exactly the right amount of magic, music, humour and innocence to them.

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16 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

10/10 honestly. Why is this rates so low I am shook

For some reason I always loved it because all of Barbie's outfits were purple and not always hot pink. Also the music was very soothing.

I love this movie! I used to watch it all the time when I was little.

This movie should be at least in the top 10 cause it's really good, one of my favorites

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17 Barbie of Swan Lake

Ever since I was a young kid, I've always thought that swan lake was one of the best movies, songs and dances. I loved the movie, but just like a lot of other one's I think it was popular for a while until newer and better movies came out

I'm shocked this movie is ranked so far down! This movie was my childhood along with princess and the pauper, nutcracker, rapunzel, etc... you know? I was never intrested in the new modern barbie movies... their just not my cup of tea and never will be. Guys stay true to the classics!

In my version Barbie goes into the Swan Lake, but GUESS WHAT, it turns out to be acid and Barbie drowns in it. - TwilightKitsune

"This has been my favorite of all time, forever. The old barbie movies are amazing, new ones are stupid. Stick to the classics people!

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18 Barbie: Spy Squad

I think who ever didn't make this movie one of the top ten I think they are dumb and don't have any sense in them they must be 100 percent weird! I love this movie out of hundred I would give it 120

I loved every second of this movie! The story is just amazing, the kind of romance is so adorable and the way they overcome their hardships is fancy to watch. I love this movie.

I am just speechless I love this movie it was fun to watch I learnt 1 thing from it which is "see it, then be it

It is the best barbie movie in the whole wide world it has totally changed my life

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19 Barbie: Star Light Adventure

My favourite movie I am a shooting star song is best in this movie I love this

The animation quality was far higher and it showed a more well-rounded version of Barbie.

This is my favourite movie ever, even though I might be too old for Barbie now, it is unique in every way, it's even better than Harry Potter!

Um greatest movie of all time

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20 Barbie In a Christmas Carol

This is a great adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel. - ToukaKirishima

*writes "Barbie in a Christmas Carol" on Death Note* - TwilightKitsune

This is my favourite one so far. I just realised how much I am like Eden. Even though I don't like Christmas at least it teaches you some good lessons.

I'm used to the fact that Eden's sibling-less in canon.

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