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1 Barbie: Princess Charm School Barbie: Princess Charm School Product Image

Amazing movie that isn’t just another movie it is one with a great story line. If you are looking for a great barbie movie this is the way to go!

I always had Barbie as the literal definition of a Mary-Sue. Perfect in almost every way and having no personality whatsoever. And honestly, I don't think Barbie: Princess Charm School should be on the 1# spot on this list. I think "Barbie fairytopia" should be the best Barbie movie, because Barbie actually has a character and is totally relatable. The side characters are pretty good and my absolute favorite: the villain. Just think Malleficent's charisma and charm got mixed with Cinderella's stepmother's pure evil. You got the most perfect Barbie villain you can get.

This movie is one of the best newer barbie movie. Its not as good as a classic but if your looking for a newer barbie to watch I would recommend

BEST MOVIE EVER! The new barbie movies are horrible. The ones before 2013 are AMAZING! The ones after that are made after 2013 are so bad. They have no plot, no actual problem. This movie teaches you so many important lessons that are needed in everyday life and are very important for young people who watch these movies.

2 Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Product Image

This movie is so beautiful and has the best storyline of any Barbie movie! I have loved it since I was 3 years old and continue loving it to this day!

To be honest any kind of barbie movie or even the show makes my heart just come right out of my chest. I had a bad life and I just started melting down but then I started watching and playing with barbie dolls and even bratz dolls so they just make me feel much better and also make me go to a different world. And one more thing this is my MOST favorite barbie movie I just love it so much.

A gorgeous beautiful movie that embraces being different and standing up for what’s right. One of the most magical and imaginative barbie movies.

This movie. Amazing is understament. This movie made me the dancer I am today and I still have the case! The plot and telling is so good. One thing does not make sense though is the first dance in the pavilion. Lacy falls and it sounds like she falls on concrete. Then she pulls up her skirt like, 3 centimeters and she has a random scrape! She landed on GRASS. Still, I love this movie!

3 Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Product Image

I liked the idea of Barbie being an actress and the story being "realistic". But of course it's not Barbie if you don't have a magical pink dust giving you a make-over

This movie had an interesting premise and j always liked the Barbie movies that starred her as a movie star. In addition it was pretty funny.

I really like how it was set in paris and is different to other barbie movies GREAT MOVIE

This my of the favorite barbie movie. I love the story and art . I love the dresses in this movie .

4 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper Product Image

The best barbie movie ever. The plot is incredible and the characters are all very well rounded and strong. The love interests are believable and have actual personalities which makes a nice change. The songs are amazing and beautiful and apart from the usual ones that are great I also love the cats meow as it embraces accepting what makes you different and not changing who you are. Such great messages and this film is perfect for kids and adults to share alike

Hands down best Barbie movie ever! It teaches everything starting from the hardships of being a princess and her duties for her kingdom, how poor people can dream, equality, live, friendship even in the hardest times, love (sisterly, animals, relationships), and about the importance and duties in a family. This has to be number one, and I rarely even like to pick favorites! I love the pairs as it is ironic at the same time valuable, your background doesn't determine your fate or love. And how you could change through someone who is always besides you. A princess can be smart, brave, witty, and know which spoon to use! A pauper can have talents that are priceless! Best movie ever!

This will always be my favorite Barbie movie. There are a lot of things to like about it but since plenty of people have already mentioned them, I'm going to talk about the soundtrack. This has the best soundtrack of any Barbie movie, hands down. While there are some good ones (On Top of The World from Princess Charm School, another one of my favorites is just one example) Princess and the Pauper has Free, I Am A Girl Like You, To Be A Princess, and (the most underrated Barbie song of all time) How Can I Refuse?

By far the best barbie movie! it is most peoples childhood, also the english in it is very very great in this movie! I can't bear the newest barbie movies, they are to modern and badly humourous. I think today's young children should look back at barbie and the princess and the pauper, nutcracker, rapunzel, swan lake, magical pegasus, and etc. Don't get me wrong, many do enjoy barbies newest movies, this is all just my opinion. I love this movie it is too good for words. They teach lessons in this movie it really stands out just to be yourself and help others. Simply the best

5 Barbie & The Diamond Castle Barbie & The Diamond Castle Product Image

So nostalgic, I know every song by heart. This was my favourite as a kid and I have a heart necklace that my best friend gave me when I moved away. The ending is great because they choose to go back to their original lives “it was more than enough”. The best friendship ( or love story) barbie movie out there.

This is my childhood, right here. I remember that I was five years old watching this for the first time. I loved this so much that I listened to the soundtrack forever. IF I COULD WISH FOR THE 1 THING, I'D TAKE THE SMILE THAT YOU BRING WHEREVER YOU GO IN THIS WORLD I'LL COME ALONG TOGETHER WE DREAM THE SAME DREAM FOREVER I'm HERE FOR YOU you're HERE FOR ME OH TWO VOICES ONE SONG
I'd sing that over and over again.
When I was 11, I moved far away from my best friend from when we were babies. I was ready to let go and forget all of my old friends. But when I was 13, I watched this movie with MY little sister, and I finally realized that I didn't have to let go! She would always be my best friend, no matter what. I begged my parents for my friend's phone number from my parents ( they wanted to let go too). Reluctantly, they gave me her phone number, and I called her immediately in tears. I was so happy.
Since then, my experience with her has never been better.

This is a beautiful movie. Full of love, friendship, magic of the world. Not about living in a castle of glory, it's about having your true home, appreciating what you have. As it says in the start on the movie, Barbie is right about friendship. I may be older than recommended age, but I re watch these lovely movies that aren't child-ish, they give a true meaning and story behind this. Thank you for this series I am able to watch. Music is shared between everyone, not just one person, and timing is everything. 💛

as a younger child I found this movie a bit scary not gonna lie but now as I've grown up its not as scary. I loveee the songs in this movie and it will forever be in my heart

6 Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Product Image

I have watched this movie many times and each time I watch, I enjoy it more. I don't think any recent Barbie movies are as good as these..I love Barbie and the Christmas Carol, Barbie diaries, Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Fashion Fairytale, Fairy Secret, Island Princess, Princess Charm School etc but my most favourite is Barbie in a mermaid tale. I love its sequel too and wish, if another sequel comes too. I love the story and songs (summer favourite) and I love the character of Merliah Summers especially in Mermaid Tale 2.

This movie has the best music that will forever be in my heart with the catchy song lyrics. one of the all time favs would 100% recommend if your looking for a good movie and some catchy music

This movie sucked! It's literally the same thing as 75 % of all the other Barbie movies. If Barbie wants to make me happy, I want to see a Barbie movie where Barbie gets eaten by a Titan.

I used to love this movie so much. My grandma bought it for me, and I swear I would spend hours on end at her house watching this movie. I just really love it.

7 Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar Product Image

This movie lets you explore the different lives of the princess and the Popstar which can help bring out your inner princess and popstar. This movie has many iconic songs that you can sing and dance too.

I absolutely hated this movie. Not only does it rip off an excellent previous movie, but it offers such confusing plot points that, even as a kid, bothered me. For instance, those brushes that change hair: they just come out of nowhere. They have magic in this world? Where did they get them? Why couldn't they just use wigs? Oh whatever. Kids, this movie is a punishment. Watch something else.

This in my opinion was not a great movie. It sort of ripped off Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper which is one of my favorites. They even used the song To Be a Princess but changed it a little, still the tune was the same. I just think they are running out of ideas.

It has a really realistic plot. It shows that not all people with a lot of money like it all the time and that famous people want a change sometimes too.

8 The Barbie Diaries The Barbie Diaries Product Image

Love the teenage drama! I'm absolutely in love with it! l think it's the BEST one! The songs are AMAZING! Its like the Barbie version of Mean girls! l love the SONGS! This is me is one of the best Barbie songs ever!

Love the drama in this movie! They should make another barbie movie like this, but instead of barbie, it should be skipper and the animation should more modern. A little bored of the princess stuff, they need more juicy but kid friendly movies like this one.

This movie is awful. I give them credit for trying to appeal to teens, but this movie is so cringey and basically talks about bullying and stuff like that. I appreciate the message and what they were going for, but it just didn't really work out.

I love this movie. How I see it: it's like reality, a girl who changes because of popularity, but then realizes that popularity is not everything and because of everything she does'nt realize her best friend likes her. I just love the story!

9 Barbie In the Pink Shoes Barbie In the Pink Shoes Product Image

I watched it once and I've already forgotten what its about! don't really like it but I respect other people's opinions. I think lots of other movies should've been ranked higher than this one

I just love the movie sooo much this the movie I used to watch. This was a really tough decision because I literally love all the movies except the new ones like 2016,2017

Why is this movie ranked so high? I didn't like it one bit...and that's coming from someone who usually loves Barbie.

I loved this movie! The ballet I enjoyed, I loved the message, and the fact that they had the Snow Queen was awesome!

10 Barbie: The Pearl Princess Barbie: The Pearl Princess Product Image

Most boring barbie movie in the history of barbie movies, even my young sister thinks that!

Best movie ever and I have watched everyone and have them all on dvd

Really a princess levitates pearls onto stonefish spikes. Dumb

The best movie I have ever seen

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11 Barbie: A Fairy Secret Barbie: A Fairy Secret Product Image

I've watched this movie multiple times and I just love it! I'm 12 and I still watch barbie movies occasionally because they remind me so much of my childhood. The stories are fantastic, especially this one!

I've watched it multiple times and this movie is the best movie ever seen in Barbie History! I think this movie should come #1! I am like 10 now and I still watch them because they are such great movies

I love this movie! Especially the little accessories and outfits. The name of the store in that fairy place is cute too, Wings N' Things!

The secret is that these people are running out of ideas for movies, as if we didn't know already

12 Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Product Image

Loved the first one and this one! but I think this one was better because there were more characters and a better storyline

I forgot what happens in 2 but I watched 1!

Love this and the first one

I love it

13 Barbie as The Island Princess Barbie as The Island Princess Product Image

This isn’t about the film, it’s about one of the characters. Tika; I don’t like seeing people hate on Tika. Sure, she got jealous. But Ro sings her a song and she learns from it. Tika gets too much hate and totally deserves better. Tika acted like that through the movie because she thought Ro will stop loving her and Ro plays an important role in her life and she didn’t want to loose one of her friends. Tika is hated for a stupid reason and deserves better!

Why in the WORLD is this one so low on the list?!?! I LOVE this movie so much! The plot, the acting, the animation and the MUSIC is all too notch. Mattel put their best foot forward in making this movie and it shows! They didn’t take a common or well known story and adapt it, they created their own original story for this and pulled it off flawlessly! In my case, if my brother likes a movie from Barbie it’s a winner, and this is his favorite one. This is also my favorite Barbie movie, followed by Mermaidia, Princess and the Pauper, Pearl Princess (which is the best modern 2010’s film), and Magic of Pegasus. When they made this movie, they made my childhood that much better!

By far the best movie. Dramatic, a bit sad, a beautiful end, good looking characters, great songs and probably the most beautiful and exotic dress in Barbie history. Plus there are animals which makes it all more interesting. And the villain is also really hateable. This is a piece of art and should be placed a lot higher in my opinion

By far the greatest Barbie movie. It was made in between the transition of the older movies and the newer ones. This meant it had the magical and great storyline like the ones before it with the better graphics.

14 Barbie and the Three Muskeeters Barbie and the Three Muskeeters Product Image

Songs are super catchy, the dresses are gorgeous and the characters are incredible strong women who still love feminine things and that’s a great message. You can still love pink and be a strong fighter.

As a kid, I loved this movie so much! I had to buy it on blu ray twice because I watched it almost every day! This is definitely my second favorite Barbie movie. It teaches great life lessons, and doesn't have the cliche ending like half the movie series where the girl and the guy get married. She puts love second and her career and dreams before the guy.

This movie inspired me a lot I love most of th e barbie movies very much. My top seven barbie movies are-
1.Barbie princess charm school
2.Barbie the princess and the popstar
3. Barbie a fashion fairytale
4. Barbie and the three musketeers
5.Barbie and her sisters in a pony tale
6.Barbie the pearl princess
7. Barbie in the pink shoes

This film is a really girl-empowering, inspirational fun watch! I can believe it is so far down! This film teaches young kids (and adults) that although others may not always believe in you first, you can prove them wrong and achieve your dreams! You CAN do ANYTHING!

15 Barbie as Rapunzel Barbie as Rapunzel Product Image

In fact I can divide the whole Barbie film series at 4 parts:
1- amazing, legendary (from 1st movie in 2001 till 2006' Barbie and 12 dancing princesses)

2-very good: Barbie as a princess from Island till barbie and three muskeeters)

3-not bad: all these movies from 2010 till 2012

4-from 2013 till now: totally mistake and misunderstoodment

I was born in 2000 and I was growing up on these first Barbie movies. The first 6 parts are so on point and they have actually a really true meaning and important massage included among themselves. Barbie and Diamond Castle & Barbie as a Princess from Island were still very solid movies I like, but a little bit worse than the parts before. Later on the whole series became overcombinated and overrated. Like, they were made just to be made. Barbie as a Rapunzel is my favourite one part <3 Penelope and Hobby are the best! But I can point as well 12 Dancing Princesses, Magic of Pegasus, Princess and the Pauper and Barbie ...more

Interesting plot and has a special place in my heart since I love art. The scene where she tries on dresses is magical. Definitely one of the best movies.

This movie is the second barbie movie ever released in 2002. This movie never gets old as they interrupt the classic Rapunzel story in a phenomenal animated film

This was the first barbie movie I watched and it was great because I had never seen such a thing when I watched it. I guess now because lots of newer movies have come out it isn't as popular anymore but when it was released I think it was worth watching.

16 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Product Image

I think I still have the doll somewhere in the The storyline is really good too, nothing like cliché "barbie princess" we see in more recent films.

I have loved this movie ever since I first watched it, probably when I was 3. It's a wonderful film with some good messages and I truly think it should be ranked higher. - ShimmerCrystal

For some reason I always loved it because all of Barbie's outfits were purple and not always hot pink. Also the music was very soothing.

I'm shocked, this was my most favourite barbie movie, lets just think about the music it has, Beethoven symphony!

17 Barbie of Swan Lake Barbie of Swan Lake Product Image

I am a little sad that it wasn't rated higher, It is a classic and deserves a higher spot. It respects the original ballet Swan Lake which is awesome)

This film is wayyyyyyy too low down! WHAT?! This film is a classic! Much better then all the new trash coming out! Should definitely be in top 3

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BARBIE MOVIE! It is about odette, a girl who works in a bakery. One day a unicorn runs through the town and odette follows it into the enchanted forest, which has been cursed. The villain is awesome, the protagonist is ok, the plot is good and the music is beautiful. (Also Barbie has a super pretty dress in this one) PLEASE WATCH!

I'm shocked this movie is ranked so far down! This movie was my childhood along with princess and the pauper, nutcracker, rapunzel, etc... you know? I was never intrested in the new modern barbie movies... their just not my cup of tea and never will be. Guys stay true to the classics!

18 Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia Product Image

Nori is so hot. Also, this story actually gets a little scary at times. For that reason, I never liked it too much as a kid but watching it now that I'm older I realise what a good movie it is.

I watched this 20 times! Why is this so underrated? The music, colors, everything is so soothing. And the story is very amazing. I can't believe you guys put the cancerous barbie movies above this: Spy Squad and Starlight adventure were so boring and cliche.

This movie is amazing I’ve always loved it and always will. I remember the food, seaweed things, lava things, berries and the transformations. It is AMAZING! So underrated. I have so many amazing memories. This should be first on the list.

This movie is really memorable and has strong characters (such as Nori), I highly recommend this

19 Barbie: Spy Squad Barbie: Spy Squad Product Image

I think who ever didn't make this movie one of the top ten I think they are dumb and don't have any sense in them they must be 100 percent weird! I love this movie out of hundred I would give it 120

I just love this move the story is just fantastic and they did a big hardworking to get the gems. I don't have any more words to discribe this movie. Anyway I love this move than any of the other barbie movie.

I loved every second of this movie! The story is just amazing, the kind of romance is so adorable and the way they overcome their hardships is fancy to watch. I love this movie.

Why is this movie ranked so low?! It was totally epic! I loved every bit of it! And indeed, like my sister below said "see it, then be it''. That's definitely a great lesson I learned from this movie! Much love xx

20 Barbie In a Christmas Carol Barbie In a Christmas Carol Product Image

I think this one should Be in top 5.Eden is not perfect in the beginning as Anneliese or Liana or Elina. She did a lot of mistakes, but She envolved during the movie. I think this movie show us that we can become good people no matter how evil we are in the beginning, You just need to want to Be kind

This is my favourite one so far. I just realised how much I am like Eden. Even though I don't like Christmas at least it teaches you some good lessons.

I love this movie. awesome! What I love in this movie is that 3 spirits are come in her nightmare and tell she about her PAST,PRESENT, FUTURE! You will also see that!

I actually cried in this movie... it definitely deserves more appreciation

21 Barbie in the Nutcracker Barbie in the Nutcracker Product Image

Best one, hands down. Without the success of this movie none of the others would exist. Clara is brave, graceful, clever, and kind; a truly classic Barbie princess. The animation might be old, but the voice work, storytelling and emotions are still spot on. I still watch it every Christmas Eve and I’m 22. And I’ll never get over the twist (not in the original ballet) with her being the sugar plum princess. It made me start ballet, I’m so thankful for this movie.

This movie IS my childhood! It was my all time favorite Christmas movie as a little girl! In fact, I still enjoy watching it! From Tim Curry as the Mouse King to Tchaikovsky's beautiful music - the first CGI Barbie film is without a doubt the best in my mind.

This Barbie movie isn't great, but it should be higher up. Children today would find it dull however, but if your child is very young and hasn't been exposed to very many modern things yet, this movie is great for them and old time fans of Barbie.

What? This is way better than Barbie in a fashion fairy tale. I hate that movie, Barbie became more bratty and he looks like an alien

22 Barbie: Star Light Adventure Barbie: Star Light Adventure Product Image

This movie surprised me greately. Honestly, I don't really like new Barbie movies as they started to get boring but this one is an exception. The animation quality is outstanding and don't make me started on the plot

The best of the newer barbie movies. Isn’t cringe or feel like a movie for 5 year olds. Very heartwarming and focuses on teamwork. Shooting stars is such a great inspirational song that makes me tear up and want to live my dreams. Don’t think this movie is bad because it’s new it’s actually really creative and interesting.

This is my favourite movie ever, even though I might be too old for Barbie now, it is unique in every way, it's even better than Harry Potter!

I like it because it's is very futuristic. But I will not watch it again for some time as it gets boring... Anyway I recommend it a lot.

23 Barbie Mariposa Barbie Mariposa Product Image

I remember loving the start with the dresses, the tunnel near the end, the stars and the wings. I don’t remember it exactly but it’s great and really underrated. I have so many memories!

This literally came on Tree-House everyday and this is why I love it so much!

I hated this movie when I was a child, but now that I watched it back, I love it!

Outstanding film should be in rank 1

24 Barbie And The Secret Door Barbie And The Secret Door Product Image

The villain and her song are a disgrace to all the other good Barbie movies.

It is best Barbie movie before watching this I was wondering why all girls like barbie.after watching this I was one of them.

This movie is horrible the villain made me want to break the T.V.

Not much action but it really it does give the feel of magic!

25 Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow Product Image

I don't know why this movie didn't even make the list! The story line is amazing it overall it is one of the best ones.

How are Barbie and the Secret Door and Barbie Spy Squad above this? Come on, people!

This movie is fab

This was my favourite of the fairytopias!

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