Top Ten Barbie Movies

The Top Ten Barbie Movies

1 Barbie: Princess Charm School

This is my favorite barbie movie. I love the art of this movie. Excellent mixer of classic and modern vibes.

I agree this is one of the better movies in the franchise and I love it to so I can accept this being first

I used to want to go, I think the originals were better but this was still good

This is actually the best barbie movie I had ever seen. I used to hate Barbie movies but I started liking them when I watched this.

2 Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

my favourite barbie movie like ever I love it so much, always made me want to get some dancing shoes like theirs

I have only one thing to say: "if you haven't watched it, go and change that. You'll love it"

I have always loved this one. I feel a special connection with the characters as I have grown up with many sisters and no brothers. I love the music and would defiantly recommend this Barbie film.

This one reminds me of my real life huge family and how us girls would love to have a huge pavilion to dance in. I love how it show that not every girl is the same and even though they aren't the same they still get along really well. I am Princess Blair! - Cornbreadk

3 Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

I liked the idea of Barbie being an actress and the story being "realistic". But of course it's not Barbie if you don't have a magical pink dust giving you a make-over

This my of the favorite barbie movie. I love the story and art . I love the dresses in this movie .

I love all the characters and the roles they play. I love how Barbie has a voice of her own.

I really love this movie. It deserves it.

4 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

Hands down best Barbie movie ever! It teaches everything starting from the hardships of being a princess and her duties for her kingdom, how poor people can dream, equality, live, friendship even in the hardest times, love (sisterly, animals, relationships), and about the importance and duties in a family. This has to be number one, and I rarely even like to pick favorites! I love the pairs as it is ironic at the same time valuable, your background doesn't determine your fate or love. And how you could change through someone who is always besides you. A princess can be smart, brave, witty, and know which spoon to use! A pauper can have talents that are priceless! Best movie ever!

this should be #1 also Popstar's remake of to be a princess makes my ears bleed compared to the original

Duty, love, responsibility, friendship and staying true to who you are. These are the lessons I learned from this movie when I was 7 years old. Now, at 19, these morals still ring true. Princess and the Pauper is a timeless Barbie classic (with the best soundtrack, may I add). I'm surprised this doesn't rank #1, especially because it influenced me more than any of the other Barbie movies combined. It's real, yet true. Cause I'm just a girl like you

I love this movie! I love the lesson and the characters are fun. I just love Anneliese and Erika!

5 Barbie & The Diamond Castle

Has such amazing songs and character development, Liana and Alexas friendship is so pure that I love the movies so much

Before my friend and I got separated, this is our favorite barbie movie and is the reason why we became friends. Now that we are in college, we may have separated but this is will always be our connection.

This was my favourite movie to watch with my sister when we were little

This Barbie movie has an amazing plot, great songs, great characters, and beautiful music. It is my 2nd favorite Barbie movie (my favorite is Swan lake) and though some Barbie movies are really slow and hard to rewatch unless you are like 3, this one is awesome.

6 Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar

This in my opinion was not a great movie. It sort of ripped off Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper which is one of my favorites. They even used the song To Be a Princess but changed it a little, still the tune was the same. I just think they are running out of ideas.

It wasn't as great as Princess & The Pauper, but it's still grateful. - SweetPenny

I absolutely hated this movie. Not only does it rip off an excellent previous movie, but it offers such confusing plot points that, even as a kid, bothered me. For instance, those brushes that change hair: they just come out of nowhere. They have magic in this world? Where did they get them? Why couldn't they just use wigs? Oh whatever. Kids, this movie is a punishment. Watch something else.

This is my favorite one. Why isn't it number 1? The songs rocked, the characters rocked and the action just rocked!

7 Barbie in A Mermaid Tale

I love Barbie's character here: she is bold, sportive and doesn't need a guy saving her butt (a dolphin is a better option)

I love that barbie isn't portrayed here in her usual girly way, and as more of a sporty girl, gives the movie an edge

In my opinion I wouldn't put any of the recent Barbie movies in my top 10, I would put Barbie in a Nutcracker, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper and Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus well because they are the only ones I enjoyed

Love it u can never doubt this one so I vote 4 this one and it is totally funny but if I could put one more in the hat it would be, hello,all of them

8 The Barbie Diaries

The film is alright. The animation was bad, but the plot went alright. - SweetPenny

Love the drama in this movie! They should make another barbie movie like this, but instead of barbie, it should be skipper and the animation should more modern. A little bored of the princess stuff, they need more juicy but kid friendly movies like this one.

This movie is awful. I give them credit for trying to appeal to teens, but this movie is so cringey and basically talks about bullying and stuff like that. I appreciate the message and what they were going for, but it just didn't really work out.

This isn't my least favorite Barbie movie, but it is by far not my favorite. The classics like Princess and the Pauper and 12 Dancing Princesses are way better in my opinion.

9 Barbie In the Pink Shoes

I love that her going rogue and her true talent was what made her better than the dancers that just went with the same old routine

It is my favourite movie and it made me want to do ballet and I am

Why is this movie ranked so high? I didn't like it one bit...and that's coming from someone who usually loves Barbie.

I loved this movie! The ballet I enjoyed, I loved the message, and the fact that they had the Snow Queen was awesome!

10 Barbie: The Pearl Princess

if Rapunzel was a mermaid and her mother Gothal was super sweet

Most boring barbie movie in the history of barbie movies, even my young sister thinks that!

The best movie I have ever seen

It's alright pretty boring

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11 Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Better than barbie mariposa and her butterfly friends but not as fantastic as barbie a fashion fairytale

Better than Mariposa but not fantastic as Barbie a fashion fairytale

I've watched this movie multiple times and I just love it! I'm 12 and I still watch barbie movies occasionally because they remind me so much of my childhood. The stories are fantastic, especially this one!

I've watched it multiple times and this movie is the best movie ever seen in Barbie History! I think this movie should come #1! I am like 10 now and I still watch them because they are such great movies

12 Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2

Loved the first one and this one! but I think this one was better because there were more characters and a better storyline

Fantastic movie

Love this and the first one

I love it

13 Barbie as The Island Princess

Love the music. SO BEAUTIFUL! WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS RATED SO LOW? Well... to be fair, I mostly like it for nostalgia...

This has the best music and one of my favourite Barbie movies!

By far the best movie. Dramatic, a bit sad, a beautiful end, good looking characters, great songs and probably the most beautiful and exotic dress in Barbie history. Plus there are animals which makes it all more interesting. And the villain is also really hateable. This is a piece of art and should be placed a lot higher in my opinion

This was one of the best movies ever I don't care what anyone else thinks

14 Barbie and the Three Muskeeters

This movie makes me so happy I love the outfits and everything about it

My favourite childhood movie! I rewatched it recently and the nostalgia was incredible

As a kid, I loved this movie so much! I had to buy it on blu ray twice because I watched it almost every day! This is definitely my second favorite Barbie movie. It teaches great life lessons, and doesn't have the cliche ending like half the movie series where the girl and the guy get married. She puts love second and her career and dreams before the guy.

This film is a really girl-empowering, inspirational fun watch! I can believe it is so far down! This film teaches young kids (and adults) that although others may not always believe in you first, you can prove them wrong and achieve your dreams! You CAN do ANYTHING!

15 Barbie as Rapunzel

Barbie is the first character that comes to mind when I think of Rapunzel. I love this movie

In fact I can divide the whole Barbie film series at 4 parts:
1- amazing, legendary (from 1st movie in 2001 till 2006' Barbie and 12 dancing princesses)

2-very good: Barbie as a princess from Island till barbie and three muskeeters)

3-not bad: all these movies from 2010 till 2012

4-from 2013 till now: totally mistake and misunderstoodment

I was born in 2000 and I was growing up on these first Barbie movies. The first 6 parts are so on point and they have actually a really true meaning and important massage included among themselves. Barbie and Diamond Castle & Barbie as a Princess from Island were still very solid movies I like, but a little bit worse than the parts before. Later on the whole series became overcombinated and overrated. Like, they were made just to be made. Barbie as a Rapunzel is my favourite one part <3 Penelope and Hobby are the best! But I can point as well 12 Dancing Princesses, Magic of Pegasus, Princess and the Pauper and Barbie ...more

Bruh this was the best movie. Most nostalgia and the songs are beautiful. Very underrated movie.
Rapunzel, 12 dancing, and pegasus > princess and the pauper
don't @ me

This has always been one of my favorite Barbie movies. I'm surprised at how far down on the list it is. People are voting for all the newer movies which are trash in comparison to the old ones.

16 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

One of the most amazing movies to watch with funny characters and good conflict

I think I still have the doll somewhere in the The storyline is really good too, nothing like cliché "barbie princess" we see in more recent films.

10/10 honestly. Why is this rates so low I am shook

For some reason I always loved it because all of Barbie's outfits were purple and not always hot pink. Also the music was very soothing.

17 Barbie of Swan Lake

I am a little sad that it wasn't rated higher, It is a classic and deserves a higher spot. It respects the original ballet Swan Lake which is awesome)

I'm shocked this movie is ranked so far down! This movie was my childhood along with princess and the pauper, nutcracker, rapunzel, etc... you know? I was never intrested in the new modern barbie movies... their just not my cup of tea and never will be. Guys stay true to the classics!

Ever since I was a young kid, I've always thought that swan lake was one of the best movies, songs and dances. I loved the movie, but just like a lot of other one's I think it was popular for a while until newer and better movies came out

In my version Barbie goes into the Swan Lake, but GUESS WHAT, it turns out to be acid and Barbie drowns in it. - TwilightKitsune

18 Barbie: Spy Squad

One of the more interesting Barbie worlds where instead of being a princess or fairy of mermaid she becomes a spy, I really like and the concept

I think who ever didn't make this movie one of the top ten I think they are dumb and don't have any sense in them they must be 100 percent weird! I love this movie out of hundred I would give it 120

I loved every second of this movie! The story is just amazing, the kind of romance is so adorable and the way they overcome their hardships is fancy to watch. I love this movie.

I am just speechless I love this movie it was fun to watch I learnt 1 thing from it which is "see it, then be it

19 Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

This movie is amazing I’ve always loved it and always will. I remember the food, seaweed things, lava things, berries and the transformations. It is AMAZING! So underrated. I have so many amazing memories. This should be first on the list.

I watched this 20 times! Why is this so underrated? The music, colors, everything is so soothing. And the story is very amazing. I can't believe you guys put the cancerous barbie movies above this: Spy Squad and Starlight adventure were so boring and cliche.

This movie is really memorable and has strong characters (such as Nori), I highly recommend this

This movie started my likings for Barbie movies! Number 1 because it is funny and an adventure!

20 Barbie In a Christmas Carol

An absolute classic, a must watch every Christmas time for me

This is a great adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel. - ToukaKirishima

*writes "Barbie in a Christmas Carol" on Death Note* - TwilightKitsune

This is my favourite one so far. I just realised how much I am like Eden. Even though I don't like Christmas at least it teaches you some good lessons.

21 Barbie in the Nutcracker

How are all these new crappy movies before the originals? This is so sad the classics will forever be the best.

This movie IS my childhood! It was my all time favorite Christmas movie as a little girl! In fact, I still enjoy watching it! From Tim Curry as the Mouse King to Tchaikovsky's beautiful music - the first CGI Barbie film is without a doubt the best in my mind.

This Barbie movie isn't great, but it should be higher up. Children today would find it dull however, but if your child is very young and hasn't been exposed to very many modern things yet, this movie is great for them and old time fans of Barbie.

What? This is way better than Barbie in a fashion fairy tale. I hate that movie, Barbie became more bratty and he looks like an alien

22 Barbie: Star Light Adventure

This movie surprised me greately. Honestly, I don't really like new Barbie movies as they started to get boring but this one is an exception. The animation quality is outstanding and don't make me started on the plot

My favourite movie I am a shooting star song is best in this movie I love this

This is my favourite movie ever, even though I might be too old for Barbie now, it is unique in every way, it's even better than Harry Potter!

The animation quality was far higher and it showed a more well-rounded version of Barbie.

23 Barbie Mariposa

I hated this movie when I was a child, but now that I watched it back, I love it!

This literally came on Tree-House everyday and this is why I love it so much!

One of my favorites.

I remember loving the start with the dresses, the tunnel near the end, the stars and the wings. I don’t remember it exactly but it’s great and really underrated. I have so many memories!

24 Barbie And The Secret Door

This movie is horrible the villain made me want to break the T.V.

The villain and her song are a disgrace to all the other good Barbie movies.

Not much action but it really it does give the feel of magic!

It is the best barbie movie...

25 Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

How are Barbie and the Secret Door and Barbie Spy Squad above this? Come on, people!

I don't know why this movie didn't even make the list! The story line is amazing it overall it is one of the best ones.

This movie is fab

I love this one!

26 Barbie Fairytopia

I didn't like Mariposa series as they became less appealing but Fairytopia series are pretty good. All of the movies were interesting, really.

This was my childhood! It was my favorite Barbie movie for the longest time.

So nostalgic and great

This movie is what I grew up watching!

27 Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess

I loved the first movie but the fact that they changed some of the main voice actors and worst yet, the art style... It's still a good movie but it's so different from the first, it shouldn't have been a sequel of Mariposa.

I didn't like mariposa much but I still watched the second movie and looking back it actually wasn't that bad. It definitely is an original movie and has a good sense of humour

Loved it great plot line and just loved

This movie is really funny and the story is great!

28 Barbie In Rock 'N Royals

I honestly really like this movie, I like what happens in it and the songs are phenomenal

The best movie with the best songs. I just loved it. AWESOME.

It's a modernized version of the movie "Princess and the Pop-star" which was a modernized version of "Princess and the Pauper"... Not original but ya know...

It is an awesome... movie
I really love the princess

29 Barbie As Thumbelina

So much nostalgia.. Loved this movie no one can tell me otherwise. So underrated

I watched this a long time after it was released and I did think I wasn't the best but it was cute!

One of my childhood movies! Should be higher up the list.

This movie is so tedious and dull, and has hideous animation. One of the worst Barbie movies ever.

30 Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Hey I love this movie so muchhh this must be a top 10 list, I love majesty

I loved the movie especially since I am a horse rider. It shows how to get off electronics and go outside, also how to care for family and friends, and lastly how to try your best.

This movie rules! Barbie teaches us a very important lesson in this story: we all have feelings, even animals.

Never heard of it.

31 Barbie In Princess Power

I didn't like her face though

It's fabulous movie.

This movie rocks


32 Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

This movie is my favourite I don't know why it's number 34 I really like Stacey

I thought this movie was very warm because it represents love and happiness. I liked all the different personalities. this would be a great movie to just cuddle up in bed and watch!

Hate this movie! Like really it also has the least number

33 Barbie and Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure

Great storyline! Entertaining and fun to watch with all family!

34 Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase

I thick this movie will be first in my list,bz its tooo too good

Love it

35 Barbie: Video Game Hero

Why is this one so low?!? It had a good plot and was interesting throughout the whole film because you never knew what would happen next I love this film I hope it can rise

I like this move a lot and love the story of the move and the way it's so all about teamwork
and the the people in the move looks cool and good. I love this move and think every one will like it.and I love this move a lot and a lot and a it every much and much,

36 Barbie: Dolphin Magic

Yes I love this movie
I even have all the toy characters even the boat

I have watched this movie at least 50 times with my daughters. Good songs, and better animation then some other modern Barbie movies. Plus who doesn't love dolphins and mermaids!

37 Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Great for young horse-lovers! Timeless and enchanting, any child will love this.

Very predictable

love it


38 Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World (1987)

Come on these are the earliest ones.

39 Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

Its not a film but still


40 Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure

No offense, but How could you like this garbage? - TwilightKitsune

Love it the pups were adorable and it shows how siblings should actually care for each other.

It's a really great movie and I wonder if there are really treasures in the world! So curious!

It not that good movie and the story is just kiddish but I love the puppies they are so very cute honey,the puppy is the most cutest among the puppies. The girls don't have sense at all. They don't know anything!

41 Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth (1987)

This is early Barbie.
Then in 1997 came the cheesy Aqua song Barbie Girl.
It was more of a toy her rival was UK doll Sindy who really disappeared.
Actually Sindy turned into one of those baby dolls.

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