Barbie and the Rotten School

People of the Toptens, using my advanced skills in moviemaking, I have finally made a Barbie movie.

Remember the time TwilightKitsune was a new kid here? She made a post called ‘How To Make A Barbie Movie’, her first HQ post, which got critical acclaim all over the Toptens. Here are some people’s opinions on it:

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“A very well written post. It proves that TwilightKitsune should be admin instead of me” – admin

“This post brought tears to my eyes. It truly is a work of literature” – Mahatama Gandhi

“TwilightKitsune really is the best writer ever” – Donald Trump

“People die when they are killed” – Shirou Emiya

Under the training of Michael Bay and M. Night Shayamalan, along with my inspirational and moving post ‘How To Make A Barbie Movie’, I, TwilightKitsune, present to you…..


Once upon a time there was a girl named Barbie. Barbie lived in a small village in a huge kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a prince called Wee A. Boo.

The kingdom was a happy little kingdom. Prince Wee was a gentle and just ruler. He made sure all crimes were taken care of and rewarded and punished people based on their deeds. He set up orphanages with every facility such as cable TV, free wifi, running water and electricity. He was polite to ambassadors from other kingdoms and made them feel at home. Whenever a war broke out between a neighbouring country and another, he would defeat them both and make them sign a peace treaty. He was a noble ruler and everyone loved him.

The kingdom was famous for its quinoa. Almost everything was based on quinoa. The electricity ran on quinoa-powered power plants, the food that was sold had at least 1% quinoa in it and the local farmers grew quinoa in their fields. Most of the trade in the kingdom was quinoa. Thus the kingdom earned the nickname of ‘Quingdom’ because it was so obsessed with quinoa.

Only a MORON would want to leave such an amazing country. There was the stench of quinoa everywhere, and instead of being greeted with hello, you’d say ‘Quinoa!’. There was also a statue of Dahvie Vanity in the middle of the kingdom for no reason.

Barbie was a poor girl. She was the daughter of a quinoa farmer. She was extremely fat. People were scared when she walked past their house because it meant that there would be no light through the windows for four days. She was extremely stupid too. One time she attempted suicide but accidentally ended up killing her twin sister. Yesterday, she and her two friends were walking through a desert and were lonely. One found a magic lamp. A genie came out and said he’d grant them each one wish. The first friend said ‘I wish I was home’ and was sent home. The second said the same. When it was Barbie’s turn she said ‘I’m lonely and I wish my friends were here’ and both of her friends appeared. They were very annoyed with Barbie and tried to cannibalize her but her fat was too thick to chew.

One fine day, Prince Wee was admiring his kingdom. He went to the balcony to admire his beautiful empire.
Prince Wee smiled. He was an amazing ruler of an amazing kingdom. He went closer o the edge of the balcony.

And closer.

And closer…


Prince Wee fell off the balcony.

All king’s horses and all the king’s men rushed to the scene but it was too late. Prince Wee was dead.
After an autopsy, it was revealed that he had died of quinoa overdose. The guards searched his room and one of them found his secret quinoa box. He lifted the lid off, and read the label, and had an epilepsy immediately.
On the label, it said ‘Free quinoa – additional with pencil box’.

In the kingdom, the price for quinoa was $4 per kilogram. No one knew that if you purchased a pencil from the local shop you could get free quinoa with it.

The kingdom was outraged. They could not believe the prince they had loved so much had actually been a vicous, disgusting traitor.

Chaos broke out in the kingdom. The rest of the royal family members were murdered in fear of them being traitors too, despite the fact that they were completely innocent. The national anthem was changed to ‘The Mine Song’. People fought each other for the throne.

The prince’s advisors decided something had to be done, and then finally decided an idea. The prince wore glass slippers. They decided that whoever would fit the glass slippers would be the new ruler.
Meanwhile, Barbie was drinking bleach in her house. While drinking bleach, she saw a newspaper. She read it, and saw that the prince had died.

Barbie was deeply upset. She was planning to marry the prince, like she had done 38365737658365923 times before with other princes. But then she saw how they were electing new rulers. Then she decided she had to win.

Meanwhile in the palace, many people had failed the test.

Suddenly the ground shook as if an earthquake was going on. The guards went to the door to see what happened. They saw Barbie.

Barbie barged in, killing 100 at a time she took a step. A guard presented her the slipper. Then Barbie did the most unexpected thing ever.

She placed the shoe on her nose.

It was a perfect fit.

And Barbie became the new ruler.

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Lol did you actually believe that? Lol no.

Barbie was too fat to get through the doors. The guards finally found someone who fit the shoes, and he was the new ruler.

The kingdom was normal and new. However some people hated the new ruler and decided to assassinate him. Barbie uncovered the plot, and attempted to stop it. She failed and was killed by incineration. The End.

Moral: Don’t overdose on quinoa. 1g a day is probably okay.


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