Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper


This movie I probably my favorite Barbie movie ever! The soundtrack I phenomenal and the characters are so relatable, interesting and fun! Also the plot is quite realistic and it taught me a lot about duty, the importance of being who you really is, responsibility and friendship!

From childhood to now this has been by far the best Barbie movie. As a child I was a massive fan, I had two of their castles and all of the dolls, along with Serafina and Wolfie. Along with the computer game- which was so complicated and creative for little girls. (It runs for about $100 now! ) However, that's not why I enjoyed the movie.

Emerging into adulthood, I look back on watching this movie as a kid. Even though I didn't completely understand it, I did internalize so many of its amazing and wise messages which have definitely shaped who I am today as a young woman. It covers friendship, love, family, duty, equality, goal setting, and even down to how to be a proper woman in general. Watching it now is such an enlightening experience- it both brings you back to your childhood but has this uncanny ability to fling you towards the future at the same time.

For the record, I absolutely adore most Barbie films! However, I cannot thank Mattel enough for this one. I'm ...more

How is this not number one? I've loved this movie since I was 6, and I'm 15 now..

My all time favorite Barbie movie. The characters are fun and relatable and teach valuable lessons that actually stuck with me as a kid. The music is probably what really sold me on this movie, though. Each song is fun and easy to sing along to, also working in the overall moral of the story. Because I listened to the cd so often, I can still (after almost 15 years) recite every song and spoken line within them Overall, a great story with great music!

This is by far the best movie ever and has the best singing I have ever heard Barbie sing and their pets are so cute. I'm like 12 years old and about to turn 13 and I still love this movie. But the newer movie made in 2012+ aren't as good as the others - Cartoons4life

Always been my favourite Barbie movie, my brunette friend and I (blonde) had a ball reenacting this one, its got really easy to catch onto songs and a simple yet compelling plot.

This was one of the better Barbie movies. It showed how girls can be so different yet still all be awesome. It showed that you can be super rich and spoiled yet still want to be happy. While it didn't give off the best message of loving you for yourself, it was a pretty good one.

I am 19. I fell in love with this movie when I was 7. It has stood the test of time. The fact that it is behind Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar, a spin off movie made due to this films's success is mind blowing to me... The most memorable music, love interests, and villain, how is this not number one?

I love this movie way too much. As a little girl I must have watched it twice a day, every day. I still know all the songs by heart. Hands down the best Barbie movie of all time.

I believe this is the best barbie movie. When being a little girl I would dance and sing to this film with my best friend. It is such a great film

It's an entertaining movie, and the songs are really memorable for me. It's hands down my favorite among the bunch. If only they didn't rip this off like twice already...

This will forever be my favourite Barbie movie, as the songs are great, the plot is exciting and it's a brilliant adaptation of the classic novel. None of the newer Barbie movies can compare to the old ones, like Princess and the Pauper, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Fairytopia, Rapunzel, and Magic of Pegasus.

As and adult I can say that this Barbie movie is the most mature of the lot, and the songs are Broadway musical quality. 10/10

Instead of fighting with violence, Barbie showed us that a girl's best asset is her willpower, wit and quick thinking. Definitely the best Barbie movie of the bunch.

By far the best barbie movie! it is most peoples childhood, also the english in it is very very great in this movie! I can't bear the newest barbie movies, they are to modern and badly humourous. I think today's young children should look back at barbie and the princess and the pauper, nutcracker, rapunzel, swan lake, magical pegasus, and etc. Don't get me wrong, many do enjoy barbies newest movies, this is all just my opinion. I love this movie it is too good for words. They teach lessons in this movie it really stands out just to be yourself and help others. Simply the best

This is an amazing Barbie movie I'm 13 and I still live Barbies. I have like 15 Barbie movies and this is the one I watch the most the songs are amazing! And this should be number one! The princess does not want a handsome charming prince and the pauper is super kind. I love the villain's song though it makes me smile every time!

This movie basically taught me life, and I can't help myself from crying whenever I hear "Written In Your Heart".

Has been my my favorite and will be my favorite...I used to either read its books or watch the movie at least everyday when I was 5...The thing that makes it so unique is the fact that it involves no magic,fairies and all that other fake stuff!

This is one of my favorite barbie movies since I was a kid! It has great song and they bring me back so many good memories!

As someone who's watched almost all the barbie movies this is most definitely the best one.

Their first musical movie, and their best. It not only entertained, but also taught valuable lessons about inner strength, love and the hardships of others. Loved it when I was a little girl, and after a recent rewatch found that I still love it today. I wish they still made movies like this.

My all time favorite ever since young. The best barbie movie to me, since I grew up with them

Absolutely LOVED this movie! Amazing songs and theme. One of my favorite top favorites.

This is CLEARLY the best Barbie movie! The music is SO CATCHY! My sister and I always used to dance around our house to the songs pretending we were Annalise and Erica. It also teaches incredible lessons, and overall is a wonderful film.

This used to be my favorite Barbie movie and it still is no matter how old I get