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21 One Coarse Dinosaur

Barney lies down in the road and gets run over. Graphic blood everywhere.

So many references to bad SpongeBob episodes.

Barney torments riff to suicde then they both get run over

Baby Bop Dresses up as BJ and scares Barney into suicide. Riff tells Barney it’s Baby Bop in disguise but Barney kills himself anyways - Lunala

22 Barney X Dora X Caillou


23 Barney x Dora

Dora might be too young for Barney. - Croy987

Dora acted like a hate I like barney stop guys a said dora she is a hate aa dora being young babybop is better and cuter than dora barney has more powers than dora and bj is more sporty than dora riff sings better than dora a

No because I don't wanna see Dora dating...H-H-HIM.

24 All About Carnivals

Barney and the gang go to the carnival and teach children the history of carnivals, rides at carnivals, and games at carnivals. - anonygirl

Barney rides the scariest fastest longest roller coaster and dies and becomes meat and explodes and scrapes and his scabs get peeled off

Barney goes to Witchyworld and gets eaten by Mr. Patch. Then, Mr. Patch and Banjo and Kazooie become friends.

25 A Pal for Barney

Barney buys a pet who kills him

Just like spongebob

Barney gets a baby dinosaur as a pet. Soon the baby dinosaur grows up into an Indominus Rex and bites off Barney’s head - Lunala

26 Caillou's Barney Error

Caillou plays a Barney game with Peppa, Dora and other annoying characters
Caillou gets an error
Caillou was controlling the real Barney so Barney dies
Then the computer and the other characters explode

27 Barney Goes To Hell


28 Barney Gets Eaten by Titan

I was laughing so hard when I read this! Barney getting eaten by a titan! LOL! Bravo, three thumbs up to this. - TwilightKitsune


29 Gidget (The Secret Life Of Pets) Beats Up Barney And His Friends

"Smile Grows" - JPK

Barney(On T.V.)-And You Can Always Have A Perfect Day When You Spend It With The People You Love(Makes Annoying Laugh)
Gidget-Oh No, Not This Song!
Barney(Sings I Love You Song)
Gidget(15 Seconds In)-Please Stop!
Barney(Continues Singing)
Gidget-My Poor Poor Ears!,I Can't Take This Anymore! (Jumps In T.V. And Pushes Barney To The Ground)
Gidget-I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP! (Beats Up Barney And His Friends)

30 Barney Meets Sesame Street

That Would Ruin My Childhood

31 Barney Meets The Simpsons

Simpsons Barney should kill him and have another beer. - SteelCity99

32 Dora and Caillou Become Barney & Friends Characters
33 The End

It already got cancelled.

After a long battle with cancer, Barney finally passes away at 3:38 AM, June 17, 2075. - Goatworlds

34 Plankton's Pizza

Riff makes a pizza filled with laxatives and it makes dinosaurs poop so much that they get buried under poop and have to eat their way out. - Goatworlds

But if Riff made the pizza why is it called Plankton's?

35 Fate Slayer Night

They all kill each other at midnight - Goatworlds

36 Barney Get Kidnapped
37 Ebola In The Town
38 Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Into Barney

Hate both (also rainbow dash really she is so annoying) but okay


39 Kissy Kissy Love You: Barney and Baby Bop Edition

Spongebob's Version Was Bad Enough

40 All About Death

A beloved person died. Barney, Riff, BJ, and Baby Bop explain to the children about death in a way a 3-year-old understands it. - anonygirl

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