Top Ten Barney & Friends Episodes That Should Be Created


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41 The Sex Box
42 Barney Burps Then Farts Then Laughs

Drax (Guardians of the Galaxy) reacts this

43 Different Way: Barney Edition

I Thought You Were Against The Trolls

44 Yertle The Turtle Uses Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Riff, and the Kids as His Thrown V 1 Comment
45 Barney x Hillary Clinton
46 Barney Gets Ebola
47 Barney vs the Minions

The Minions Win - JPK

48 Kill The Dinosaur
49 Baby Bop Abuse
50 Riff Abuse
51 BJ Abuse
52 Barney X Sanjay

Who ships these guys...? - Powerfulgirl10

53 Barney's Inside Adventure
54 The Crapple Apple

Barney eats an apple made of crap so he turns into crap for a day. When BJ and Riff discover this, BJ swallows apple seeds that grow in his stomach and he craps out apples with crap in them and feeds it to everyone. Riff, on the other hand, craps on apple seeds and grows his own crappy apples. - Goatworlds

V 1 Comment
55 Barney's Suicide

He goes to jail so he eats diamonds and dies - Goatworlds

56 Barney: The Best Show Ever

Barney tried to make it the best show ever. He fails miserably.

57 Jurassic Barney

Barney insulted T. rex so he's gonna pay

58 Barney Turns Into Ice Cream V 1 Comment
59 Barney vs. The World

Everyone in the world is against Barney. Jason Santham is sent to assassinate him. A T Rex destroys Barney's lair and so on...

60 The Hulk Smashes Everyone

When I read this, I was laughing to bits! 100 stars by the way!

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