Bart Baker Parodies that Should Have Been Made

I Aint A Big Fan Of Bart Baker But If He Did These Parodies I Would Definetly Watch Them

The Top Ten

1 Gold

This Would Be Amazing! - VideoGamefan5

Bart Baker is without a doubt, one of the most cringeworthy people I have ever seen in my life. - djpenquin999

2 Marvin Gaye

My Parody Would Be With Smash Bros Characters Because In The Song It Says "Heal That Dong", I Would Bring In Smash Bros, LOL - VideoGamefan5

3 Heathens

I Would definitely Watch A Suicide Squad Parody - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, but he's afraid of angry TOP fans. - ProPanda

Ok I feel like I'm a loner who is the only one who like emo music on this website/at school PEOPLE AT SCHOOL don't HATE IT THEY JUST DOMT KNWO ABOUT IT

This would be great!

Finally, you've got decent list. - DCfnaf

4 Stressed Out
5 Stimulated
6 Cheerleader

LOL YES - DCfnaf

7 7 Years

My Sorry Got Bold, Like My Baddy For Me - VideoGamefan5

8 Loyal
9 M.I.L.F.$
10 How Deep Is Your Love

The Contenders

11 Bang Bang

So many people requested this.

12 Complicated - Avril Lavigne

I love Avril but I want to see what the parody of this would be, youtube didn't exist in 2002

13 Better Than He Can.
14 Heavy - Linkin Park & Kiiara
15 Despacito
16 Rack City - Tyga
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