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21 Animals V 1 Comment
22 What Do You Mean V 1 Comment
23 Shake It Off
24 Eenie Meenie
25 The Monster Parody

By far his best. Oddly his only good parody of a good song. He usually only makes good parodies of bad songs (Anaconda, Wiggle, etc). - WonkeyDude98

26 Love Me Harder V 2 Comments
27 Watch Me Whip/Nea Nea V 1 Comment
28 Hello Kitty

So funny and hilarious!

I'm a psycho
Pale germaphobe
Do do do don't TOUCH ME!

My favorite aside from Wrecking ball - Neonco31

29 Applause

That is what she deserve for being an anti christ

I hate lady go go

30 Royals

I hate how this parody got kicked of YouTube - PandoraPanda

Bart Baker - Royals Ft. Lorde the zombie - DaisyandRosalina

31 My Moment
32 Best Song Ever

Laugh out loud so funny. 1D destroys Earth.

I like the part where the guy pees on the girls desk and the other guy in the shopping cart playing gutar

33 Worth it

His best one of 2015, so this should be higher!

V 1 Comment
34 Happy

This was the most ingenious parody ever!
It should really win something!
It made me so happy

V 1 Comment
35 Booty
36 Lips are Movin'

I like the lips are moving parody but its not my favorite parody

This is the reason why I hate meghan

37 Uptown Funk

The plot twist gets me every time...

Hilarious. Jackfilms is Mark Ronson!

38 Style

This Is So Funny Not My Fave But Good

39 Sweatshirt

Not only is it a good parody, but he completely burns sartorious in the process. Perfect!

That part where Jacob Sartorious (Bart Baker version) sings without autotune is COMEDY PLATINUM!

40 It's Everyday Bro
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