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21 Capire

To say Capire is a very under-rated an under statement. I own there lower end "Classic" model and if this is their lower end glove then I am dumb-founded. My Classic 13" model is lighter in weight then my 3 other brands of Kip leather gloves of the same size I own. I mean it is not even close. I just can not put this thing down and my other gloves are just being neglected.

I still wonder if Capire sent me a Kip leather glove that was stamped "Classic" by mistake.

Capire Classic Series is the best baseball glove in the world. Although not too many people heard about this brand, it's really the best glove in the world. Capire is a custom glove brand. My Capire Classic Series has very strong leather ans excellent feel. The cooling thing is that it's 100% designed by myself. They offer 15 leather colors for customization. Very beautiful, very unique, only belong to me.

Best custom options around! Check out their website, design a glove and you will see why they are the best! You get better custom options for half the price of Wilson or Rawlings! Pro44 is Capire's red headed stepchild!

Good leather and lots of customization for a good price

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22 Rico

My Rico glove is the best glove I have ever seen and used. The leather is high quality and all of the gloves are $199. Rico gloves are exactly like 44 gloves but better. I strongly dislike the shape of 44 gloves they don't look like a traditional glove. A lot of my friends have 44 gloves and when the are taking grounders the ball just pops right out of the glove because of the poor design. Rico gloves incredible gloves. The glove I would compare it to is Rawlings pro preferred or wilson A2K.

My Rico was customized to my liking for a great price of $215 and was at my house in 5 weeks. Easily the best looking glove I have ever had let alone see on a field. The leather is extremely strong and very moldable, the pocket is deep as well. By far the best glove on the market!

The highest quality glove you can get I highly suggest it. The inexpensiveness does not reflect on the glove in any way.

Rico gloves a custom and come shipped neat a2k suck

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23 Rolin/Barraza

Made in Mexico, these gloves blow A2000, and A2k's outa the water! My A2k's brand new barely hinted of leather shen they arrived, the original Rolin/Barraza gloves (i ordered four) made my house smell like 10 cowboys with let her chaps carrying their leather saddles and saddle backs came I to my house! Haven't smelled leather like this since my folks took my to a leather shop in Wyoming! Not only does the glove smell and feel better, it holds its shape and the one I ordered "broken in" was game ready and didn't cost me any more! Half the price of an A2k or HOH. Remember the true Rolin/Barraza has a "b" patch on it!

I own high end Wilson and Rawlings gloves, and my Rolin is every bit as good or maybe slightly better constructed. Extremely well made with the strongest laces I have ever encountered. It was a little stiff when I got it, but has broken in nicely, maintaining it's shape while loosening up.

Great value for the money.

Recently purchased a Barrazza first base mitt. Great glove! I also own an A2000 and I have to say the Barrazza beats out the Wilson in my opinion. The leather is better and construction is top notch. Never mind that strong leather smell! Don't remember my A2000 giving off that fresh and strong of a scent.
It's definitely easier to break in compared to the A2000. I really like the web design over the traditional double piece open design. One downfall is the glove is heavier than the A2000 but it is also a bigger size glove. We'll see how the weights match up on the smaller glove. I took a chance on this glove and I'm glad I did. The price point was very attractive also. Roughly 185 brand new which was a considerable amount cheaper than the Wilson. I picked up a display model without tags for 100 bucks. It was a steal! Don't sleep on this glove!
I give it a 9 out of 10.

This gloves are build to last! You will get bored of your glove before it tears apart, besides you can customize it from bottom to top. Definitely the best choice you can make!

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24 Shoeless Joe

Sadly the A2000 gets all the hype as a great glove, but I believe that is only because of their marketing. I've had a A2000 and did like it very much but it simply doesn't last and the break in period is quite difficult.

The shoeless joe glove is a great looking glove made with the best leather and built to last, thus the reason the company will actually back their gloves with a great warranty, if you ever have an issue just ship them the glove and they will refurbish it to its original condition no questions asked. Another great attribute with this glove is you can literally buy it off the shelf and use it that very same day, it is basically already broken in for you.

Lastly don't just go with something because that is what everyone else uses try this glove out I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

Shoeless Joe gloves come soft and broken in right from the box. They are extremely comfortable and conform quickly to your hand. They are well made right here in the USA

I have the 11.5 I Web and it is the best glove I have ever had. Broke it in very quickly and the look is classic. Plus, the quality is great and it feels so right when you put it on. Highly recommend their gloves and will defitnitley buy another one in the near future. Their gloves are addicting.

I have had this glove in the past it is great.

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25 Hatakeyama
26 Vekoma

This is a boutique brand, and I'm not exaggerating when I say they make the BEST gloves in the world. They are the ONLY brand that offers true customization. Other brands basically just allow you to choose colors and text. VEKOA is way different. Very unique gloves.

They let me put metallic gold on the glove. Way better leather than 90% of the brands in front of this. Best small company glove by far and best customer service I have ever had. Check me out Base0bro27 on YouTube and instagram.

Unique gloves and cheap prices

The thing about vekoa is that they are a small baseball glove company and they put really hard work into their gloves unlike wilson because wilson uses machines they are not hand crafted like vekoa

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27 Glovesmith

Have worn every glove on the market... at age 40, I needed a glove and my kids bought me this brand made near our hometown (St. Louis). Opened it on Christmas and said, what? But this glove BLEW ME AWAY! Great heart of the hide leather, soft, great interior feel and easy to break in, yet durable and firm 8 years later... Have used and abused this glove and it's still the best I've ever had! Re-laced it once (they did it for $20 at the factory and it was like NEW). Their personalization stitched in the glove is a nice feature, but the quality of the glove is what makes this a gem for $200 or so... Will buy a new one soon, if this one every wears out! No more Rawlings, Wilson or LS for me...

Easily the equal of Wilson and Rawlings. I'm 55 and I've owned many gloves--Wilson A2000, Rawlings Heart of the Hide, and Mizuno. My favorite glove of all time is my Glovesmith Buffalo Leather Custom 11.75 infielder's glove. Absolutely top quality in every respect.

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29 Valle

Very affordable small market gloves made of nice stiff durable leather. My son has three of these: fielders, 1st base, and catchers mitt.

Been using Valle game gloves and Valle Training Gloves for years. I won't own anything else. High quality and very durable.

John Valle was a former pro baseball player who makes the finest gloves from the best leather

Great quality. Great price

30 Brett Bros

I took my son to buy him a catchers glove for his 14th birthday. After trying on everything, he wanted a Brett Bros catchers glove. I tried to talk him out of it. It was a brick, but he said he liked the feel and weight, and thought it would be better for him to break in his own glove than to have one already mostly broken in. Understand I was ready to get him an All Star, Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno or whatever. He had taken to catching like a duck to water and had already become very particular about his gear. Rawlings chest protector, Wilson leg guards, Mizuno glove that at age 10-13 was perfect but now the balls were coming faster. So we bought the Brett Bro's "brick" and he went to work on it. Say what you want, this glove has worked beautifully and here I am a year later buying him another as a back up glove. That it is the cheapest of the options we were looking at was not a factor for us. This year he will be playing short and pitching and we are getting a Brett Bros. 12" ...more

31 Woodz

I have been using a Woodz glove for years and it was great. The leather was just perfect and it looked very cool

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33 Guerrero

Man I had one of their infielders gloves and it was the best glove I ever owned and I had all the top names for years. I bought it in 2006 and gave it to a young man in 2013 because he drooled over it.

One of the best Mexican brands out there.

34 Palomares

It's the best leather I've felt and it has the great smell of leather.

35 DGC

Diaz Gloves Company offers the BEST Mexico steerhide custom gloves hands down. They now also offer USA steerhide and Japanese Kip. Their prices will not be beat

36 Adidis

They don't even make baseball what

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37 Yennaco

I recently bought a Yennaco JY25 (made in Mexico), and I think it's GREAT! Smells like leather (IS leather), handles great, like a natural extension to my hand. Scoops nicely, real good pocket. I've had all kinds of gloves, and they were good, but this one is my current favorite.

38 D-Bat
39 Vekoa

Fantastic leather. High quality and half the price of a high quality glove like Rawlings or Wilson. Swear by this glove!

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40 Zorro

They are new and similar to rolin but I got mine with extra padding. Found them on Facebook

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