Its definitely the best glove I have ever had I've owned Nike, Wilson and Easton it is definitely one of the best gloves ever!

I personally own a Rawlings pro preferred and a Wilson a2000, now don't get me wrong, they are both great gloves but the Rawlings is stiffer and will last longer. Also I found over time the Wilson lost the pigment in the palm, from catching. Now unlike some people I have owned gloves in a similar price range and unless you have done that, your just comparing apples to oranges.

A heart of the hide glove or OLDER Gold Gloves have the best leather quality you can imagine! I love buying old "beater Heart of the Hide" gloves off eBay, give them a quick cleaning with saddle soap, condition them, and I have a glove that is game ready and is about 40 years old... That's quality along with their newer lines of Heart of the Hide. Affordable and durable

I own the Rawlings Renegade R115 glove, and it's amazing. Great webbing and huge catch radius, which is what I want as an outfielder. There's a reason Rawlings is the "Gold Glove Company." Their gloves, not just the R115 model, all increase the fielder's catch radius a ton, and they're a diver's dream, with the big webbing and such that keep the ball in your glove. Great model. - AlGalaxy

I have had different styles of Rawlings gloves' since I was five, and I will never get any other brand. It is high quality including durability and style. It is a name brand for a reason. Tremendous equipment in all aspects. Not only baseball gloves, but baseballs and other sports equipment.

I have had a2000s and a2ks but nothing comes close to my pro preferred. I bought a pro preferred four years ago and last year I got a a2000. About half way through the season I started to see that the leather was breaking down and I had to replace it multiple times by the end of the season it was creaking in the liner and ripping. I went back to my pro preferred and it seemed like it was better leather and just more durable. I will never go back to Wilson

I only buy Rawlings baseball gloves. They may not break in the most quickly, but once they do they are hands-down the highest-performing and longest-lasting gloves on the market. I own 2 pro-preferreds and 1 heart of the hide, and couldn't be happier. Also Rawlings gloves aren't pre-broken in, which gives each player the opportunity to break in his own glove specific to his own playing style.

Rawlings has great quality and will last for years. They are the best. I have a regular rawlings glove and a rawlings catchers' mitt. I have not had yo replace them, I've had them for close to five years. Truly the finest in the field!

Rawlings has the better quality leather and breaks in much easier in my opinion. They have real good customer service and I find Wilson isn't as outgoing as rawlings. Rawlings is the best brand for baseball hands down.

They are great gloves for two years... And then they fall apart, or the leather padding wears down, or the web pops out, or whatever problem could come. I've only bought Rawlings over my 13 years playing baseball, but I just bought a Nokona because I'm tired of spending $150-$200 every two years on a new glove when I could pay $400 for a Nokona that will last forever. I play around 120 games a year, sometimes more, and I throw every day or every other day depending on what part of the year it is, and the Rawlings gloves can't handle that.

All I have ever used... From the time I was a kid... Not only do they last but I still have my last glove I bought from in 2011 as a senior in Highschool and it's still going strong I use it as my infield glove for softball now...

I own a pro preferred and it would have to be the best glove I have ever owned. I have also owned louisville and easton but the rawlings pro preferred blows them both out of the water.

Greatest glove of all-time. I had a Rawlings glove growing up and all of my kids have had a Rawlings glove growing up as well. We just bought our grandson his first Rawlings glove.

Rawlings uses a much better quality of leather than Wilson. Rawlings gloves are stiff when you get it so you can break it in and have much better comfort and feel with the glove

I have had 6 Rawlings gloves for 3 different positions and never once have they let me down. They feel great on your hands and do not give off sting when they hit your glove.

I like Rawlings because they are high quality and because it doesn't hurt my hands if I play. The leather is very High Quality and it stays long.

I've been using rawlings heart of the hide in the outfield for 4 seasons now and all I can say is once that ball is in your glove its not popping out. Highly recommend

Pro Preferred is the best baseball glove available. It is pricey, but worth every penny. Take care of this glove and it will take care of you on the field for years.

I have had a primo for a month now I can't even touch side to side very stiff handcrafted Italian leather calfskin lining the price is steep but well worth it

I have a heart of the hide and a2000 I like both same great gloves but I've used rawlings longer and have had my old pro preferred for 5-6 years best glove I've ever had

Rawlings feels the best, picks up the ball the best, and lasts the best. I would never use anything but Rawlings. Great gloves. Primo 11.25 is the best of the best!

It's the best glove I have tried the pro preferred is perfect when it breaks in I had an a2000 but if you just get the leather it feels like a a smaller glove

OMG RAWLINGS IS BEAST I've had a softball rawlings glove for 12 years-since I was 8! get RAWLINGS

I love rawlings I've hade one since I was 2 years old. They have great leather quality and can last you season after season!

I own a a2k and a pro preferred, both are great gloves and although rawlings takes longer to break in the leather is stronger and will last for many seasons. My pro proffered has lasted me 5 years and still has its shape. I love all my gloves but the one I call my baby is my pro preferred.