The leather and craftsmanship is far superior to any of the big brands. Honestly I don't think there is another company that even comes close to the quality of Vinci, and when you factor in that Vinci's top of the line gloves cost $100 less than other company's top offerings, it's not even a contest.

Vinci uses the best materials, excellent craftsmanship, durability is great, looks are great, wide variety of webs and sizes to suit any player for any position. The reps and customer service is A-1. I've owned gloves from all the top companies and Vinci has been the most impressive. Also their prices are 30-40% less than other high end gloves.

I've own 4 Vinci's. Why so many you asked, because they keep coming out with models better the previous ones. They give their customers what they want in a glove and stand behind their product.

Vinci is amazing. Great company. Craftsmanship and customer service are exceptional. I've had a Vinci softball glove for 7 years and still love it. My step daughter had 2 so far. A fast pitch catchers mitt and first basemans glove. The softball gloves are amazing and don't feel like baseball gloves with larger pockets. Also have 3 pair of their sunglasses. That way I never have to settle for just one color

I have tried a lot of gloves, but VINCI is the best on the market. They have excellent customer service and will take care of their customers. I have purchased a glove for each of my kids who play baseball and they love them as well. Great Job, VINCI!

The ONLY real, true genuine leather, hide, steer gloves made here in the USA, and made proudly by people who live and work in the USA. I have had them all and Vinci is the only glove that I have had that will stand the test of time a grueling field conditions for MANY years to come. Quality is second to none period.

Quality second to none, especially in the Kip leather! Best softball gloves made. The most padding in the palm area without sacraficing the feel of the ball. The finish on these gloves are outstanding. If anyone is considering something other than the "big name" glove makers, this is the one to consider. You will be happy you did.

Vinci does make the best gloves! Now days, most glove manufactures use inferior materials, but not Vinci. It's is easy to compare, pick up a Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno... and then compare them to a Vinci, the quality of a Vinci is clearly better. I own one and love it. My son has only owned and played with Vinci his whole playing career.

Vinci is a great company that makes great gloves with superior leather. I own several Vinci gloves for my kids and I will not purchase any other glove for myself or my kids. Vinci has superior customer service that no other company can compare with.

Best glove I ever have owned. The only thing the glove doesn't have is a well known name, but they are definitely growing their name. I would recommend this glove to anyone who is playing softball or baseball. Thanks Vinci Pro!

Best glove ever. I wasn't sure at first but once I bought it I realised I had been missing out my whole life. All the pro players are about to start using this brand

I've been using Vinci gloves for 10 years. The quality & performance of their products have been superb! The only thing better than the gloves themselves has been Vinci's customer service.

Vinci makes great gloves. In my opinion, they are as good of quality as all the bigger names, and for the money - much better than most. Hopefully they will continue to grow and gain popularity. Love the two I have!

The best softball glove in the world. This glove has awesome padding and quality leather. It takes a while to break the glove in but it is well worth it. It will last a long long time and maintain it's shape.

Vinci gloves are hands down the best gloves I have ever used. I used to use Rawlings pro preferred, a2000, and nike pro gold, and none of them come close to vinci as far as quality of leather and craftsmanship.

I have tried Mizuno, Kelley and Nokona. In my opinion; Vinci makes a superior glove. Not only that; but they listen to their customers and work with them. You don't get any run around. They stand behind their gloves 100% and customer satisfaction is second to none. Skeptical? Check them out for yourself at VinciPro or go to SoftballFans and do some reading. Better yet; play with one and find out why Vinci owners love their gloves.

I've been playing Baseball & Softball for 25+ years. I've used every manufacturer listed, nothing comes close to a VINCI! Leather quality, dependability, and most importantly the feeling in your grip.

Quality second to none. The leather and craftsmanship is far superior to any of the big brands in my opinion. They give their customers what they want in a glove and stand behind their product.

The best brand of gloves made today. I have relaced most all manufacturer's gloves. Vinci by far has the best internals coupled with their leather. Great great gloves.

Very top quality gloves! Customer service will take care of you. Good glove for a good price! Do not hesitate to pick one of these up!

Great glove I have had gloves from many other companies and prefer the vinci over all others. Great quality of leather used in the gloves. You can't go wrong with a Vinci.

Rawlings make top end gloves but they also make crap to sell in big box stores. Same goes for the others except nokona. Vinci makes a great glove

A great quality product that far exceeds its price point. You get your money's worth with Vinci. Great customer service mixed with great gloves, how could you go wrong.

Awesome youth gloves as well as adult. Best glove to grow up with! Great customer service. Wouldn't want to see my family in anything else!

The Best people make the best gloves, wouldn't even think of getting another brand.