I have been playing baseball since I was four, I have played in national tournaments for my whole life and I have always relied on Wilson, it is higher quality and better feel than Rawlings and Mizuno, I can't speak for the other companies because I have only used a Rawlings Pro Preferred, and a Mizuno global elite, but all of my wilson gloves have blown these away! I have owned 3 a2000's and 2 a2k's, loved them all.

As a Wilson clove consumer I own a dp15 a2000. It has one of the best designs and the blend of colors is spot on. I was very happy with the results that I got in games. With the duel welting it forms a shape that no ther glove can compete with. I have a nokona and heart of the hide also and they can't come close the shape that my a2000 has over this last year. The glove never gets floppy and if you take care of it, it can last you years of play. The final thing that I like about Wilson is the feel you get when the ball hits your glove. You get a good sense of where it is in your glove so the transfer from glove to arm is easier. Over all I have to agree Wilson is the best brand of gloves and I recommend it to anyone in search of a new glove.

I have an A2000 hinged web from the 80s and it the best glove I've ever owned. I don't know what it is about the leather from the 70s and 80s but this glove is not only broken in but thick heavy and supple. The pocket is deep and any ball hitting the pocket gets bounced back into the glove. Hard to drop a ball with this glove. I sometimes think it's magic. I've only had to restring the web and the fingers because the original strings were a little thin. But after the new strings this glove is badass! I've had several people offer me a couple hundred bucks for my A2000 which is over 30 years old.
1980 A2000 best glove ever made.

I think Wilson's are by far the best. They are super good looking and perform amazing. I have a custom a2000 and love it. The a2k is also amazing and the leather is great. I would recommend using conditioner on the laces because they are not the best. I think it's also really cool that the Wilson brand uses things like YouTube and Instagram more that other companies. That is how I decided which model to get. It is really cool that they do this because they can answer questions and watching their videos really makes you want to get one of their gloves. Overall, I think Wilson is the best.

I have a a2000 and heart of the hide decided to try both previously owned a gold glove that was great so tried a higher quality rawlings glove and decided to give wilson a shot and compare the two. Well the heart of the hide was laced really bad I constantly have to tighten it. The wilson came perfect and the leather is amazing wilson cares about there glove a lot you can tell and they spend lots of time pre shaping it. So that's why I'm going with wilson

I have had my a2000 and a2k for about 2 years now and I have to say they are hands down the best! The a200 uses pro stock leather which has a great feel, and durability. The a2k uses pro stock select leather. The pro stock select leather is the top 5% of the pro stock to ensure perfection. My opinion go with wilson. The top pros like brandon phillips, josh hamilton, paul konerko and more trust their game to wilson.

I owned a series of "signature" gloves from various brands, but the Wilsons seemed to be the best of that lot. I finally decided to upgrade and bought a Wilson ProStaff outfielder's glove, which almost put me off the brand: every catch was a two-hander or the ball would bounce out of the non-existent "pocket." I always wanted an a2000 since seeing an ad in Boys' Life magazine, but the price was hard to justify (the glove in the ad was odd in that it had hinges on the thumb side AND the normal side). Finally bought an a2000 in the '70s, which was a bear to break in, but a great glove until I lost it in a house fire. It was an American-made glove, for which I was unable to find a replacement until I found on eBay an unused, Japanese-made, 1978 version, which still had the good leather. I heard that newer a2000s, which were advertised as "game ready" were flimsy and wouldn't hold up. I guess the a2k addressed that problem. Both my original a2000 and its eBay replacement cost me about ...more - aiislander

My Wilson A1000 series was the best fitting glove I've ever owned in my life, I still mourn the loss of it once it finaly broke down and wore out beyond repair... sigh.

I have an a2000 and a Rawlings heart of hide. The Rawlings is a great glove but I feel that the a2000 is more personalized after using it that a Rawlings glove. If you want a great glove, the Wilson's are the way to go. If you don't like Wilson than go with Rawlings because they are by far the best 2 gloves out there!

I've tried many brands (Mizuno, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger etc. ) I now have 2 A2000 and an A2K. At first it was hard to tell the difference between A2000 and A2K, until they were both broken in. The A2K is incredible once it's broken in, and that's when you can tell the difference in quality and comfort. A2K stays stiff where it needs to be, and soft in the right spots alike. A2K is the Cadillac of ball gloves period!

I have an A2k and it is a fantastic glove. It took a while to break in as all good gloves should. It holds it's shape very well but can also be broken in how you want it. You can for a very deep pocket which is good for my outfield glove. Over all it is just a fantastic glove; best glove out there

First glove was a Franklin. Grew up with a Wilson, which was the best glove I ever owned. Only reason why I got rid of it was because I outgrew it. Went to an Easton, which looked cool, but laces fell apart. I'm not a MLB player, I'm not looking to spend over $100 on a glove, I just want good quality at a good price. Shopped around today, tried on some Mizunos and Rawlings, but the Wilson fit best. Bought one for myself and my daughter!

A2k and a2000 are the best gloves. The a2k is better because it has better leather. The a2000 is better to form to your hand. The a2k is a older glove but I think it is better then rawlings, nokona and all other brands if I had to use a glove for the rest of my life it would be the a2k.

Wilson, I have had a Wilson glove glove ever since I was 8 and they have always outlasted and proven themselves better than the competition, I still use a Wilson glove and I am in my fifties now, I own a 2000 and an 800.

My first glove was a wilson and it lasted me 5 years. Now I'm using a rawlings. The rawlings is more expensive then the wilson but the wilson was way better. There is a better feel for the game with it. Wilson should be at the top instead of Rawlings

I love Wilson gloves I have an A2000 at home and I love it They think about what that position needs Rawlings I think is better at outfield and Wilson is amazing for the infield that is why a lot Of people choose other gloves than Wilson

I have an a2k, and a2000, and an a1000, I prefer each and every one of these much more than any other glove I have ever used, I have used rawlings, nokona, and easton gloves and none match the quality and durability of wilson.

I have a wilson A2000, it is easily the best looking, best feeling, and the most doable glove I've ever had. I've tried all the other brands like Rawlings, Mizuno, and Louisville Slugger. None of the compare to wilson gloves

Wilson is the best. I have two A2000 gloves. The quality is very tough. I use to own a Rawlings Heart Of The Hide, but I was convinced to try Wilson. Now that I have, I won't ever go back to Rawlings.

Wilson is hands down the best, no competition. It saddens me that people are so biased here that they look past the fact that wilson is the highest quality glove on the market.

I've had several Wilson gloves from cheap ones up to the a2000. One of the best brands out there.

I've only ever owned 2 gloves in my lifetime. My first glove, was a Rawlings. I was about 10 years old when I got it. It lasted me about 2 years. It wasn't anything high end, it was probably about 40 USD. The next glove I had, and has lasted me my whole life would be the Wilson A2000. I've had it for about 28 years and recently my daughter bought the Wilson A2k and is in love with it. The Wilson gloves provide an amazing, durable, long lasting, lifetime piece of leather. Wouldn't read my glove for the world.

The a2000, a2k and a1k are probably the best gloves much better than heart of the hide (maybe not the a1k) But Rawlings does make good gloves

I've had various brands of gloves but this Wilson a2000 is easily the best! It's leather is way more durable than the other gloves and very easy to relace

Have only owned Wilson since I started 22 years ago - purchased a A2K 11.75 today and after a couple of hours it's already on its way to breaking in.. !