Top Ten Baseball Players Steroids Helped Most


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1 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

He cheats to get a spot that other men worked so hard for - Razor79

Look at the size of that head. Tell me that's not drugs...

His home run record was set with taking drugs

Yes he used steroids but its is still hard to hit a baseball. I could be on steroids and not even make contact. this goes for everybody it depends on the skill

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2 Jose Canseco

Why is Barry number one? Jose would have been a AA player. Bonds was already a 3-time MVP.

he may not have a home run record because of roids but he's made a lot more money writing about them - crazyeyes56

jose canseco would have been N-O-T-H-I-N-G if he didn't have 'roids. - andrewXmetallica92

Hey, at least Jose apologized. - SonicDrummer231

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3 Mark Mcgwire

Him and Bonds man... Have U seen how big they got and how small and skinny they used to be! its insane! - 3anegroes

ROGER MARIS is the rightful record holder of most hr's in a season! McGwire? Not so much. - SonicDrummer231

Roger maris should still have the record because every one that past him still did stairoids

4 Sammy Sosa

To be honest, I like this guy. I mean, yeah, doing steroids in a horrible thing to to, but my name is Sam and I do like the cubs. (Family Roots, my moms from South Holland. AKA Chicago) - SonicDrummer231

Bonds was already a legend... the only thing Sosa did was hit homers

5 Rafael Palmeiro
6 Miguel Tejeda
7 Jason Giambi

No wonder he got out on Derek jeter's flip

8 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez

The worst of the worst! None of his stats are authentic! Got busted so many times, and lied about it so many times. And he was using when it was well established that MLB and all true fans want PED use stopped. Scumbag cheating fraud!

That moment when he gets caught again and nothing happens

He's getting his punishment this year - Sabbath

SUCKS. This guy had probably been using steroids since 1993. - SonicDrummer231

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9 Rick Ankiel V 1 Comment
10 Roger Clemens

He did enough success before using steroids to make it into the hall of fame just like Bonds and McGwire - Sabbath

without steroids he's nothing

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11 Gary Sheffield
12 Melky Cabrera

Drugs helped him a lot

13 Jay Gibbons
14 Derek Jeter

WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I mean, yeah, his injury was linked to steroid use. But saying Jeter is GARBAGE?! That is INSULTING! He is my personal idol and role model. And calling him garbage is just insulting to me! YOU ARE INSULTING TO ME AND Yankees FANS EVERYWHERE! I could understand A-Roid. But JETER? NO! Unacceptable. And if you are a Yankees fan, even WORSE! You are saying that one of the most devoted Yankees players of ALL TIME is just TRASH! I feel insulted, and you should be sorry about that comment. - SonicDrummer231

He didn't take steroids

He did take steroids. Jeter is garbage

15 Jenrry Mejia V 1 Comment
16 David Ortiz

Definitely Helped by steroids in the early '00s

17 Bartolo Colon
18 Kevin Brown
19 Ryan Braun Ryan Braun

Great player. On or off steroids - Sabbath

Very true. - SonicDrummer231

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1. Barry Bonds
2. Jose Canseco
3. Mark Mcgwire
1. Sammy Sosa
2. Rafael Palmeiro
3. Jose Canseco
1. Sammy Sosa
2. Mark Mcgwire
3. Melky Cabrera



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