Babe Ruth

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George Herman Ruth Jr., better known as Babe Ruth, was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.


It's not just about the numbers. There have been many truly great players that have put up awesome numbers in various categories. But Babe Ruth literally gave rebirth to two now-legendary franchises (Red Sox and Yankees) that are to this day, almost a century later, still among the oldest, most loved, most hated, and most fanatically followed. And in doing so, he dominated baseball for more than two decades and changed the game forever. No one has ever had the impact on any sport that Ruth had on baseball.

Ruth, ah, Babe Ruth. The single greatest player of all time bar none. Number two and so forth really begin at number three at best. May's, Aaron, Mantle, Williams, etc. Very, very good players. Ask what any of them couldn't do? They couldn't pitch. Young, Alexander, Seaver, etc. Couldn't hit. RUTH did it ALL. That's right, he could do it all. How many players had three 20 win pitching seasons and lead the league in batting average and home runs LIFETIME? Yes players lost time to War time service, but RUTH, lost at bats because he was a pitcher for his early years. Take Clemons or Feller or Gibson and tell him "great job pitching, now become one of the greatest hitters, Lifetime Average, Home Runs, etc., not happening, ask Mays, Williams, Aaron, etc., stop hitting and win us 20 games as a pitcher. RUTH, BEST EVER ALL TIME, all who follow are good, only good.

I even feel stupid explaining why Babe Ruth is #1. He truly changed the game of baseball forever. The numbers and his talent tell the whole story. He changed the game of baseball and without him, we would still be trapped in the dead-ball era. Although he did have talented teammates surrounding him, he was the leader of his team, but he also WAS the team. Babe Ruth is truly the player that all MLB players strive to be. He is by far the greatest MLB player of all time.

Babe Ruth is without a doubt the greatest baseball player of all time. As great as Willie Mays is, nobody did more to help his team than the Babe. Can you imagine that he would have been a legendary pitcher but they needed his bat so much that he stopped pitching. That is unheard of in baseball. Never happened before and I guarantee will never happen again. The man saved the sport. In two years he had more home runs himself than any other team in baseball. Team!

best player ever 2 play baseball!

Ruth was and still is a GOD of baseball. Nobody else comes close to his impact on the game. People easily forget that after the Chicago "Black Sox" threw the World Series, baseball was in big trouble with the fans. Ruth helped to save the game. And on a lighter note, while modern players use drugs to help enhance their performance, Ruth showed up drunk or "hung-over" at game time and still smacked the crap out of the ball.

Took hank Aaron over 2300 more at bats to catch the babe. The fences were further, the strike zone larger, and the pitchers mound was higher. Not to mention foreign substances in the ball. Not to mention when Ruth pitched in the World Series he threw 29/2/3 innings of scoreless ball. Bonds forget it.. Still took many more at bats to catch the sultan of swat! Babe Ruth or George Herman Ruth is the greatest of all time..

This is a dumb list... Bonds should not be considered period, musial is top 5 and willie mays is number one by a mile... A 5 tool player that excelled in all 5. Hank A couldn't run, field or throw nearly as good and willie would have hit 900 homers if he didn't play in the polo grounds or candlestick who put this stupid list together.

So many people forget that not only was he the 'Sultan of Swat' but before that he was one of the most dominant pitchers and held the career E. R. A. for world series games for many years. He was also one of the best all time fielders. That is why he should be #1, he could do it all. - MackyJay

Was on his way to a HOF career as a pitcher before his bat got in the way... Got a late start (age wise) for hitting and then proceeded to demolish every power record out-homering entire teams. Doing so by hitting a "deader" ball and in far more spacious parks then today. He was an absolute beast. A freak of nature. The more you learn about him the more unbelievable he was. He was the mythical Hercules of our time. Less than a God, but more than a man. The Great Bambino!

I was about ten when I first saw him play. Just kidding, he was way before my time. His numbers were totally astonishing for his era, especially his hitting. Most players then were lucky to hit 10 homers in a season while he hit 50-60 per year. He was the original double threat, it would have been interesting to see his career numbers if he would have stayed a pitcher.

Babe Ruth is the best player in baseball history. Whoever heard of 60 runs in a season? , or 714 home runs in a career. Ruth can easily knock the ball out of the park withe even a tiny touch. The sultan of swat even has records that still are the same today

I have over 25000 baseball card look at one babe Ruth card then look at all the other 19 cards I have of this top 20 and you will see that so moves need to be made manly to Derek jeter he as to be higher up in this top 20 also no pitch in the top ten is crazy I know babe was a pitcher but not for must of his baseball life just the early parts this is Jackson fucci a 11 year old yes even a 11 year old can tell you this list is wrong

I agree with everyone that's likes babe ruth he is king and best pitcher of all time made so many records like a a lot ok people babe ruth is king and I'm only 11 1-2 and I'm telling this

Babe Ruth is such a beast he could hit the baseball farther than anyone in the history of the sport. He was a great pitcher and the best hitter in the world that has ever lived. Maybe the greatest athlete ever. (Michael Jordan)

The sultan of swat! Babe ruth changed the game of baseball if it was not
For babe baseball might not be what it is today but I believe he still
Was not the greatest player there are still three more ahead of him.

Babe Ruth era where throwing 90 was like throwing 95-100 miles per hour. Also, he was slow and couldn't field well. Maybe he also threw 85-90 which is not very fast today but back then in it very good. Willie Mays could do everything. He could: run, throw, catch, field, steal bases, hit, and hit for power. So Willie Mays was the greatest

Best baseball player ever! He is the king of baseball. I did a report on him once. Got an A+. He is the greatest. He was a great pitcher and hitter. He changed the game and dominated like no other player. He is my idol. I think he should be on a stamp.

He Rules! Going through different times of baseball in 1914-1935.Was a Great pitcher for the Orioles and the Boston Red Sox. Also was awesome at hitting for the New York Yankees and he hit 714 home runs. You are AWESOME George Herman Ruth (Babe Ruth) 1895-1948..

Certainly the most colorful player to ever play the game. You can't mention the history of baseball without putting his name on top of the list. Like Wayne Gretzky is to hockey, Ruth is to baseball.

Okay. If Babe Ruth had never been created, Will Mays would be the 3rd greatest player of all time behind Ruth and Barry Bonds. Babe Ruth LED all of baseball in home runs... As a PITCHER! The man also won over NINETY games as a STARTING pitcher. Let's not forget "the Babe" was hitting more home runs than ENTIRE teams were. While possibly drunk at times.

GREAT player plus achieved most of his greatness while drinking, partying hard and overweight ( especially by athlete standards ). Imagine how much more he could have achieved with a healthier lifestyle, weightlifting regimen, vitamins and/or acceptable performance inhancing drugs, protein/health shakes that most athletes use today. Just truly AMAZING!

In reality it probably goes- Ruth, Mays, Bonds, Cobb, Aaron.. Aaron took way to many years to pass babe, Cobb(with all due respect to Williams, DeMaggio, Rose and others was the best pure hitter) Mays was the best all around player ever! (Arguably until Bonds) Bonds in my opinion is the best ever scary good player( steroids only help in baseball to help keep you healthy you still have to hit the ball! That leaves the original Babe Ruth his steroids were- alcohol, tobacco, steak, and women- the BEST!

Before Babe Ruth the single season HR record was 27. After he retired the record was 60. Before babe the career home run record was 138. When he left the game it was 714. He was the first player to hit 30, 40, 50, and 60 home runs. And he still owns the record for career slugging percentage. - Squidyak

Talking about things off the field. He had the odds against him he couldn't read or write. He smoked at a young age as well as smoking, but still became the greatest baseball player ever.