Jackie Robinson

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I could easily vote for Willie Mays, but no baseball player changed the game today, made everyone play together, not separated, Jackie Robinson earns everyone's respect. As a Giants fan I think Jackie Robinson should be the only athlete in the world to be idolized because of what he did, the pain he went through alone tells you that he's a revolutionary athlete. He's the grandfather of modern sports. Without him there would only be white players in Mlb and not just Mlb but in all other professional sports as well. Because he broke the color barrier, history has changed forever. Thank you Jackie Robinson.

No question that Robinson's impact on the game was and remains huge. But, as a player I don't see where the stats support Jackie being on the top 10. I admit though that Robinson transcends the norm and should be idolized for his phenomenal character that helped him persevere the ugliness of the times. Perhaps in today's game-without all the pressure placed on him, he would have been a number one contender.

Because he changed the game, he made the game possible for blacks, and players like Roberto Clemente, The kid, Albert pujols and Ichiro and other great players from South America, Mexico, even Asian and Japanese players believe they could play in the MLB. I honestly think he is the greatest for his sportsmanship for the game and especially breaking the color barrier of the MLB. Plus he was a great all around player.

I don't think Jackie Robinson is even in the top twenty of greatest MLB players of all time. He did break the color barrier and changed baseball forever but on the field, he was a great player but not a legend. Also, somebody else said that almost nobody ahead of Robinson on this list has stolen home but I think everyone above him on this list except for Ruth has stolen home at least once.

I hate when a players greatness has a asterisk next to them. What does race have anything to do with how he played? Its actually a disrespect to his talent to bring it up. Its like all that hype when the colts and bears played in the superbowl. 2 black head coaches for the first time ever. Who cares? It only brings more light to a topic outside of the game. If we are all created equal, why dwell?

Wasn't the best black player, was chosen because he had the education and military service that white fans would find acceptable. That being said, he was a high character guy and mentally tough enough to put up with the insults and jeers. Had he failed, baseball wouldn't have integrated.

This is a complete joke. Robinson deserves a high rank, but top 10? Gimme a break! If a sense of social justice/courage is driving selection (which seems to be the case), then JR should be #1. If it's baseball talent, there are dozens better. Rogers Hornsby should be in this slot or higher. Musial, Dimaggio, Wagner, Johnson, Frank Robinson, Joe Morgan, Yogi Berra, Jeter, Griffey Jr. and many others were better and more strategic players.

First of all jackie Robinson survived in the war second of all he was on of the fastest baseball players ever and he was the first African American in baseball history

Fun fact: robinson was NOT the first black to play baseball! ) now lets continue. the great who stole home! so here is how it all happened. a fastball inside came as robinson danced to the plate but ran back to 3rd. the next pitch was outside and robinson ran to home, he slid, SAFE! he stole home! yogi berra was mad at the call, so there was no ejections back then. so that is how it all happened.

Jackie Robinson was a great player but not remotely the best ever. He also wasn't the first black player. Moses Fleetwood Walker played in 1884 but got hurt and could not play any longer. His name was almost erased from history.

He hit, he fielded really good, he was fast, and he broke the color barrier. Everyone says that he would be higher if he played more seasons, but by the time he got called up he was 27. After his 10 years he was already 37. Plus, he was named to the All-Century team, and stole home 19 times!

I love Jackie Robinson, great player, but 7?! Are you kidding me? He is a top 35 player at best. To put Jackie Robinson ahead of superstars I haven't seen on this list yet, you are overrating him.

Jackie Robinson certainly made a name for himself as the first black major leaguer. But the fact of the matter is he had Hall of Fame talent regardless of his color. though it's difficult to understand why Larry Doby, who came up in the AL a few months later with Cleveland got very little notoriety for going thru the same thing Robinson did.

He was the first and greatest black player of all time he was quick could slug and hit. He was the first black player and think about all of the great black players, if not for Robinson they would never have played, his stats also talk for him.

Jackie Robinson is good at baseball and he is the Pearson who changed baseball forever because now black people can play baseball

Jackie robinson should be the best since he did let all of the other color of skin people in to the major league and even to let kids play in a little league

Robinson is great but Roberto Clemente should one of the all time great list in top 5

First black to play ball. He should be number 6

He is good and I love the movie forgot what it is called any way he broke the color barrier if it wasn't for him Barry bonds couldn't Evan play base ball so I agree

He broke the color barrier. But he can do a lot more. He is one of the best ever

He should be number 1. Babe Ruth is overrated and had no competition. While Jackie adversity while having competition and playing with the racist. - Chase_sawyer1

I'm too young to know but Jackie Robinson was a beast from what I've heard he was fast as light and could hit hard as hell so ima vote for him.

Even though he did not have the best statistics the mark he left for the game in the future is amazing that's why he should be near the top

Amazing player changed history

Jackie Robinson's ability to steal bases like Ricky Henderson should keep him up here, if not his incredible athletic ability.