Mickey Mantle


Could have been the greatest ever but the stats don't support his potential, unfortunately. Mickey Mantle was the face of American baseball from 1956 through 1963. The all-American boy, everybody's favorite player. Ted Williams said he lived for his next at-bat. As a 13 year old boy, I lived for The Mick's next at-bat. The joke goes, "What was Mickey's favorite inning? THE FIFTH." Mickey once reportedly said, "If I knew I was going to play that long, I would have taken better care of myself." Ah, what might have been. - Mantlefan

Mickey Mantle is easily in the top three list of the greatest baseball players of all time. Had he been healthy throughout his illustrious career, there is little doubt that he would have hit 800 or more home runs. He was unquestionably the most powerful home run hitter ever. The fastest player ever--especially to first base. He could do it all!
In my view, he was a better player than Mays and Aaron. If Mantle had played in a smaller ball park, like Ebbets Field or Wrigley Field, he likely would have hit 100 home runs in a season! Perhaps, close to 1,000 for his career!

I did some research and found that during his good years, 14 of them, he led the league, or at least the AL, in on base plus slugging percentage adjusted for his ballpark a remarkable 62% of those years. No one else that I looked at did that except Babe Ruth and I can't count Ruth because of his playing in an era when blacks could not play.

Mantle hit 536 Homeruns on gimpy legs. If Yankee Stadium hadn't had drain pipes to get cleats caught in that destroyed one of his knees, no telling what numbers he would have put up. He also had osteomyelitis, a painful bone disease. Still the fastest home to first in history. Great center fielder. His personal demons likely caused him to lose five years worth of baseball. Only year he was completely without injury he won the triple crown and would have won a second crown if Ted Williams hadn't hit.388. Definitely belongs in the top ten all time.

Mickey Mantle should be in the top three. He would hold almost all records if he would have taken of himself. Was the quickest player ever from home to 1st. I don't know if he still holds this stat.

Had one of the best swings from both sides of the plate ever. Saved Larsens perfect game by literally outrunning line drive. Would have been interesting to see what stat cast would say about batting, base stealing, and fielding. Met him at coaching school and he was an imposing physical figure. Mantle was heart of the longest championship run in baseball history along with Berra. Played hurt almost his entire career and as several have said he was the best one legged player in history. His 1956 and 1957 were two of the greatest ever.

Mickey Mantle was born to be a baseball superstar. Possessed all the tools to be the greatest of all time, but also had his demons. Injuries certainly shortened an already Hall of Fame career. He still owns the 2 longest recorded home runs in history and is responsible for the term "tape measure" home run.

In my opinion Mantle and Gehrig are tied as the greatest ever. My grandfather played professional baseball after World War II and he spoke of Mickey Mantle so highly saying that he was like a unicorn and that he was the best ever, coming from my grandfather who was there to play that spoke volumes to me and as such in my opinion he is without a doubt the greatest of all time (with Gehrig).

"Mickey Mantle is the best, nobody can match him. I am currently making my top 100 greatest baseball players ever"

ok mickey mantle is like number 3 of all time not like 14 in my book he's right behind hank aaron as number 2 and johnny bench as #1 - Madladdad

Mickey is not the best player if you look on a different web sit you would see the better person then this and mickey mantle I the 7 here me 7 7 so that not a good spot to be in trust me

Mantle saved the game of baseball and made it legendary. The world stopped what it was doing to watch Mantle bat. Mays may have been the better player, but take that early injury away and Mantle might have eclipsed all.

Greatest player that God ever created. I saw Mays, Aaron, all the greats, it's not even close. Mantle was the fastest and most powerful. On the chemically enhanced diet of today's players Mantle would hit over a thousand homers!
It's become the politically correct thing to do in choosing Mays as the best of all time, believe me, Mickey was the better ball player.
Another under appreciated player would be Sandy Koufax. He was forced to retire for medical reasons with his best years still ahead. Like the Mick, he truly was head and shoulders above his competition,

Growing up in the '50s and emulating the great players of the time from either the Yankees or the Brooklyn Dodgers, Mickey Mantle was hands down the greatest player of his time. I can't recall a player since that had as much of an impact on the game than Mickey did when he played. His name in baseball is right up there with b
Babe Ruth himself.

Unquestionably, one of the all time greats. In my opinion, top ten. He rare blend of speed and power will be never be equaled. The great #7

Amazing, he had at least 12 superstar seasons with all those injuries. It is crazy, scary what his numbers would have been with a healthier body. Plain and simple. More power and speed than Willie Mays, when comparing their primes. But to May's credit, he took care of himself and was a bit better on defense. But Mantles power for a guy only 5' 11" to 6 ft., that is notable.

One of the greatest Yankees ever he's a boss hands down

Mickey Mantle in my opinion easily top five best players to ever play the great game of baseball. He should be higher on this list than barry bonds I think number four at least. He had insane power and had he continued playing could have had a shot at the altime home runs list.

If not for injuries (which are all part of the game) he would have proved out better than Mays, Aaron, Williams, DiMaggio, Robinson, etc... All except Ruth and Gehrig!

If he would have been healthy the greatest ever

Have to admit he gets my vote for number two as much because he's favorite player of all time. As for his great and magnificent baseball skills.

He was great, it is to bad he did not take care of himself, there is no player that had the power he had no one.

I think Mickey should be in the top 5 that's just my opinion.

If it weren't for injuries he would have smoked baby Ruth

DiMaggio was better than Mantle. He was the only player that went toe to toe with Williams.