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201 Garrett Richards
202 Jered Weaver

Love the guy he is hilarious the way he is always so frustrated

203 Zack Greinke V 1 Comment
204 Casey McGehee

Casey McGehee is a beast. He may be the greatest player in MLB history.

205 Martin Dihigo

Great Cuban player, both as a pitcher, hitter and as a position player, who never played in the majors because he was black. Played in the US Negro Leagues, in Cuba and in Mexico. Is in the American, Cuban and Mexican Halls of Fame. We are rating PLAYERS here, not merely great hitters or others who cannot do all 5 baseball skills: hit, throw, run, field and think.

206 Bullet Joe Rogan

Great player, both as a pitcher and hitter, who never played in the majors because he was black. Played in the Negro Leagues. Had an outstanding fastball and at the same time batted fourth on his teams. Is in the Hall of Fame. We are rating great PLAYERS here, and as both a pitcher and hitter he must be one of the greatest of all time, along with the Babe.

207 Dave Stieb

Pitched a no hitter and came close three other times

208 Steve Sax
209 Jose Canseco
210 Mike Scioscia
211 Ryan Braun

The mlb might wanna check to make sure he's human

212 John Axford

The all time brewers saves record Christ that's good

213 Grover "Old Pete" Alexander
214 Mel Ott
215 Charlie Gehringer
216 Roy Campanella

Dumb list he's the third best catcher of all time! Don't agree look at a list better than this one

V 1 Comment
217 Frankie Frisch
218 Carl Hubbell
219 Oscar Charleston
220 Paul Molitor V 1 Comment
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