Top Ten Best Baseball Players of All Time


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221 Wade Boggs
222 Buck Leonard
223 Ed Walsh
224 Dan Brouthers
225 Cool Papa Bell V 1 Comment
226 Rollie Fingers V 2 Comments
227 Dennis Eckersley
228 Early Wynn
229 Ralph Kiner

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! 222?! He should be in the top 100! He would've had much better numbers if not for the 3 prime seasons in World War 11 and the back injury he had.

230 Dave Winfield

Are you kidding 231 this shows thesepeople that don't know baseball.

231 Lou Boudreau
232 Tom Glavine
233 Johnny Mize
234 Larry Doby
235 Roger Maris

Broke Babe Ruth's "most season home runs" record. 61 Ruth had 62 Maris had. Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's record.

Maris should be 1 he broke babe ruths record then it should be hank aaron cause he also broke babe ruths record but that's just my opinion.

V 3 Comments
236 Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa has been the greatest Chicago Cubs player ever

Come on he cheats

He should be #1 in the world boze

237 Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens cheated move him off - mrwp111216

238 Carl Yastrzemski

A bit of an enigma, in some ways. Had a lot of mediocre batting seasons, had a lot of stats simply because of the fact that he played so long...BUT: 1. He was the greatest defensive left fielder of all time (in my opinion), 2. He had the greatest all around single season I ever saw in 1967, triple crown winner, gold glove, an amazing season, and 3. He was an incredibly clutch hitter. One game for the championship of the Galaxy, and he's my left fielder...

CArl was good, not great. Certainly not a top 100 player

V 4 Comments
239 Mark McGwire

This is mark McGwire he should be 100

V 1 Comment
240 Tim Lincecum

Your high if you think he'll get to 300 wins

He will get 300 wins easily

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