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241 Aramis Ramirez

How do you have Aramis over Yastrzemski and Johnny bench?!?!

242 Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton should be like, top 60 at least!

This guy is a deuce bag he shouldn't even be ranked in the top 1,000,000

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243 Dustin Pedroia

Are you kidding me 80 he is like in the top twenty he is super good a wonderful 2nd basemen and super fast

Dustin Pedroia is the best second base man in the MLB

He should be way higher he has so meany gold gloves

Not the best in MLB, but American League, YES.

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244 Chris Davis

This guy is amazing he should easily be in the top 20 with 37 home runs before the all star break

This guy is a star he should be in the top 20

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245 Rickie Weeks

A great defensive and offensive player

246 Kirk Gibson

He hit a home run to win the world series

247 Ron Kittle
248 Nelson Cruz

He's cool and good vote!

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249 Johnny Cueto


250 Darryl Strawberry

Darryl hay man this means nothing you're the man you had coolest smooth swing ever you're #1 it will never be copied. Nobody can do it. And you're arm outstanding...

Darryl's swing and arm should have put him higher in the rankings

Darryl swing and arm should have put him higher...

251 Gaylord Perry
252 Alfonso Soriano V 1 Comment
253 David Wright

I love you wright... Just keep on hitting dingers

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254 Jose Reyes

Really?!? 205... He is so fast.


255 Yasiel Puig

Hype and doesn't have composure? He is still a great ball player, possibly the best Cuban player ever.

Too much hype, and doesn't have composure, should be way lower

Might be the first Cuban player to go to the hall of fame

239! Wow

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