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41 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez

AMAZAZING and the yanks 2

He needs to be higher, who cares about the roids you still have to be able to catch up and at least make contact with a 90mph fast ball

How in the world is he #49?! Sure he cheated, but people need to put that in the past. A lot of people only talk bad about him because their jealous... Jealous that he is a great ball player. He is the greatest of all time. He's an awesome baseball player... There is no doubt about that. He is one of the best Yankee players of ALL TIME. ALEX RODROGUEZ = LEGEND!

How in the world is he #76.. He is consider one of the best player to ever play the game!

He's 49 what... how...he is a legend

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42 Mike Schmidt

Maybe not the best player EVER but I would put him at either 20 or 24 and the only list barry bonds should be on is biggest disgraces to the earth list

Greatest third baseman of all time

Barry Bonds is above Mike Schmidt, that's just wrong.

He was the best third basement ever!

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43 Jacoby Ellsbury

This is ridiculous I personally like ellsbury but take him down good god people

Who ever put Jacoby Ellsbury on here take him down. We are looking at all time stats not the third best person on the Yankees.

He sucks its beats players ever he is not even better than Bryce Harper

He belongs on a list of best little league arms

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44 Austin Romine

Oh my goodness this proves u like yanks romine should be nowhere on this list trout and Bryce are way better and this all time

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45 Tris Speaker

One of the best and most underrated players ever

Really... Do your homework guys... Top 20 easily.

Are you kidding? Possibly the greatest ever in both fielding and hitting. Based on lifetime production, should be fourth behind Mays, Aaron and Cobb.
Ted Mosser
Fairfax, VA

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46 Mike Trout Mike Trout Michael Nelson "Mike" Trout, nicknamed The Millville Meteor, is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Major League Baseball.

How is he Number 48? He has been playing for 2 years. He has the potential of being a top 25 player but there is no way he is in the top 50 this early.

I think he should be top 10 because he's no doubt one of the best players anyone could ever see as a out fielder and he's fast very fast he scores home runs almost every time he plays and that is why there is no doubt that he should be top ten

Mike Trout can hit for POWER Contact he's VERY VERY FAST he's a great fielder and he has a good arm and that's all you can ask for from a outfielder

My favorite player in baseball and I think he's a great baseball player even know sometimes he can be a little striker outs

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47 Pedro Martinez

Best Dominican Pitcher in History, arguably of course, with Juan Marichal!
Shouldn't be behind a lot of this newbies

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48 Mark Teixeira

One of the most underrated players of all time, perhaps it's because he played in that black hole called "Texas" for so long (no one seems to care about the rangers) or perhaps it's because defense at first base is discarded in modern baseball. It's seen as the handicapped fielder's spot, and nothing more. But facts are facts. Yes, his sharp decline due to injuries make his career look no better than the likes of many first basemen's past, but no one can argue the fact that he has the 4th most defensive runs saved of all time for a first baseman, the 5th all-time home runs for a switch hitter, and provided an ever lasting duel threat in the middle of a lineup. His prowess at switch hitting is partly shown in the fact that he has the most games with homeruns from both sides of the plate all time. He has the single-season record for RBIs by a switch hitter (144), has hit for the cycle, is in the top 100 for all-time RBIs, and was part of one of the greatest infields of all ...more

One of the yanks best first baseman ever. But Tino Martinez and Don Mattingly should be before teixeria

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49 Christy Mathewson

If he was in the first Hall Of Fame and struck out Ruth you can tell this man doesn't deserve to be this low

Holy crap! How is he this low. One of the top five pitchers ever. Give me a break people.

Statistically speaking he should be much higher up on this list...

You blew this by a wide margin. He's a Top 20.

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50 CC Sabathia

He's the pitcher the Yankees always dreamed of and now they got him

He was great in his younger days. Not as great now though. Still got mad love and respect for you

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51 Carl Yastrzemski

A bit of an enigma, in some ways. Had a lot of mediocre batting seasons, had a lot of stats simply because of the fact that he played so long...BUT: 1. He was the greatest defensive left fielder of all time (in my opinion), 2. He had the greatest all around single season I ever saw in 1967, triple crown winner, gold glove, an amazing season, and 3. He was an incredibly clutch hitter. One game for the championship of the Galaxy, and he's my left fielder...

CArl was good, not great. Certainly not a top 100 player

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52 Frank Robinson

Frank has always been treated with a lot of prejudice whether racial or as a ball player...he is probably the most underrated ball player ever to play... when he was 15 years old he could have played in the major leagues that is how good he was compared to others he played with that also played in pro level ball... many forget he has been very active as a manager and a president of a ball club but most recenter he works on the Executive offices of Major League Baseball. He Not only was a very good athlete but he was very intelligent mannered individual who played with a great level of integrity which many of the people that have been chosen before him who were great athletes can't even begin to stand in the same light as Frank let alone the ones who used substances to increase physical attributes that is and always will be a black mark on baseball. Personally I do not recognize any players who used substances for the purpose of enhancing performance way above what others did naturally ...more

One of the all-time greats. Right up there with Mays, Aaron, Clemente, and Mantle.

One of the greatest along w/ Aaron and Mays and not included?

He was better than Bonds and should be ranked higher!

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53 Rogers Hornsby

What are you thinking! Rogers Hornsby should be top 10. Batted.400 three times, had a.358 career batting average, and player/managed the cardinals to their first World Series victory in 1926. Clearly does not deserve to be number 53?!?!

Why is Hornsby all the way down at 41? He hit.400 three times! Led the Cards to a player/manager World Series win. He deserved to be in the top 10 if not higher. Change him to be higher!

He's a Top 10. Greatest second baser ever. Triple crown winner. Put together perhaps the three best back-to-back-to-back seasons of all time.

Absolutely a top ten ball player. This list is stupid.

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54 Jim Thome

Most underrated player of all time

As great old school first baseman. A great power hitter.

A class act. Truly and honestly. Eclipsed 600 homeruns throughout the steroid era, and he was one of the nicest players you'd ever see in the game of baseball. There's no reason why he shouldn't be in the top ten.

He is nice and has great power swinging the bat.

55 Kris Bryant Kris Bryant Kristopher Lee Bryant is an American professional baseball third baseman for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

He has 26 home runs as a rookie that is amazing and had about 49 home runs in minor league last year

I agree a fantastic talent but this all time I would rank him about 12 or13 in current baseball

Kris Bryant is my favorite cub right now, and my favorite Mlb team is the cubs.


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56 Jake Arrieta Jake Arrieta Jacob Joseph Arrieta is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

Arrieta and the Cubs will start to fade, because the goat curse will haunt them. Jake could have one really good season and that could be it for him.

He is one of the best pitchers in the game. He will end up in the hall of fame

He's good at pitching and not to bad at hitting

I love the cards and he is a great player

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57 Paul Goldschmidt

He is a great fielder and the best player from 2014-2019

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58 George Brett

Seriously guys? Number 60? There is no way George Brett is this far back. He's behind people who didn't even have the skill to make hall of fame. He was an amazing all around player. His stats are compared with Pete Rose, Babe Ruth, Willy Mays, Mickey Mantle, and way more greats. There is no way he should be this far back.

Great stats and embodies everything you want in a player. Should be top 10. If he'd been a Yankee he would be

Best player ever to play baseball

He should be higher because he is one of the best third baseman of all time

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59 Johnny Bench

Strongest, Smartest Catcher of all-time. I still remember when he caught a fast ball bare handed in a major league game.

Johnny Bench should be above Mickey Mantle. Mantle was great, but Johnny Bench was not only a good hitter, he was likely the best catcher of all time. He was a leader and influenced other players in a very positive way.

I think he should be high because he is one of the BEST CATCHER!

Think he should be closer to berra

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60 Bob Feller

Had one of the fastest pitches of all time, at 107.6 mph, and he played for one of the greatest teams in the league (IDC what anyone says I am with the tribe! )

I just wish I could have seen him back in his day! The film and all the books and my mom made me a Feller fan since I was 5 and he was already in the HOF!

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