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61 George Brett

Seriously guys? Number 60? There is no way George Brett is this far back. He's behind people who didn't even have the skill to make hall of fame. He was an amazing all around player. His stats are compared with Pete Rose, Babe Ruth, Willy Mays, Mickey Mantle, and way more greats. There is no way he should be this far back.

Great stats and embodies everything you want in a player. Should be top 10. If he'd been a Yankee he would be

Best player ever to play baseball

He should be higher because he is one of the best third baseman of all time

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62 Jose Bautista Jose Bautista

I think he is a good player and I think he should be on the top 100 of active players, but I don't think he should be on the top 100 ALL TIME

He is second on the blue jays all time home run list

Jose is seriously epic vote for him

Gotta love his bat flip and murderurs row

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63 Bob Feller

Had one of the fastest pitches of all time, at 107.6 mph, and he played for one of the greatest teams in the league (IDC what anyone says I am with the tribe! )

I just wish I could have seen him back in his day! The film and all the books and my mom made me a Feller fan since I was 5 and he was already in the HOF!

64 Tom Seaver

Agree dude this rankings are stupid

He a top.20 player

Evan nolan ryan said he was the best pitcher of his generation

Better pitcher than Ryan

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65 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player.

It was unfair for him to play baseball because the only reason he got to play was because he was the greatest NBA player and there were plenty of farm league players that could of took his place that were serious about baseball - Sabbath

Never played in the Major Leagues, but he is the GOAT

When MJ left basketball and played baseball he was terrible. He just had the money to play in the mlb

120000th place

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66 Chase Headley

Ever since I was 3 I thought he was the best and I met him and I live in San Diego and used to play for the Padres

#1yanks 3b ever

Lol how is this guy even in the top 200? No disrespect but come on! He's not even a hall of famer. - ColinH

67 Anthony Rizzo Anthony Rizzo Anthony Vincent Rizzo is a professional baseball first baseman for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.

Well your wrong

Best cub first baseman ever

He knows how to slam

He is great

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68 Josh Donaldson Josh Donaldson

Put josh Donaldson the MVP higher than 71 come on when your a die hard jays fan you will fight for your team.

He is such a good homer hitter! He has a lot of power and he is a great 3 baseman!

Best season ever for a player

The best 3rd baseman of this generation

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69 Luis Aparicio
70 Ralph Kiner

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! 222?! He should be in the top 100! He would've had much better numbers if not for the 3 prime seasons in World War 11 and the back injury he had.

71 Ryan Leone
72 Emmet Heidrick
73 Early Wynn
74 Dave Winfield

Are you kidding 231 this shows thesepeople that don't know baseball.

75 Lou Boudreau
76 Don Mattingly

Yea don you should be in some what's up with this.


77 Craig Biggio

Overall great hitter, fielder, and person. - baseballboy09

Beat ball player ever!

78 Richie Ashburn

He is a fantastic player in the world

79 Rafael Palmeiro

Who the heck is Rafael palmetto

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80 Bartolo Colon

Big sexy is the greatest stick ball player ever

Big Sexy - aant1171


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