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161 Joe McGinnity

Pitcher: Won both ends of doubleheaders 3 times in one month August 1903, considered the most impossible sports record to beat. - johndumas

162 Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa has been the greatest Chicago Cubs player ever

Come on he cheats

He should be #1 in the world boze

163 Alfonso Soriano V 1 Comment
164 Aramis Ramirez

How do you have Aramis over Yastrzemski and Johnny bench?!?!

165 David Wright

I love you wright... Just keep on hitting dingers

V 3 Comments
166 Mike Buddie
167 Jose Reyes

Really?!? 205... He is so fast.


168 Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton should be like, top 60 at least!

This guy is a deuce bag he shouldn't even be ranked in the top 1,000,000

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169 Ryan Braun Ryan Braun

The mlb might wanna check to make sure he's human

170 John Axford

The all time brewers saves record Christ that's good

171 Curtis Granderson

Still awesome at his age, beautiful swing, and amazing numbers. Got to be much higher

A beast that's all I've got to say

172 Rickie Weeks

A great defensive and offensive player

173 Dustin Pedroia

Are you kidding me 80 he is like in the top twenty he is super good a wonderful 2nd basemen and super fast

Dustin Pedroia is the best second base man in the MLB

He should be way higher he has so meany gold gloves

Not the best in MLB, but American League, YES.

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174 Nick Hundley
175 Marco Scutaro

Marco Scutaro is amazing!
He won the 2012 NLCS MVP.
He made the Giants win the World Series
Marco Scutaro getting traded to the Giants was the biggest move of the summer

He stinks take him off

Marco scutaro shouldn't be on this list

He didn't really anything so he shouldn't be on this list

176 Carl Yastrzemski

A bit of an enigma, in some ways. Had a lot of mediocre batting seasons, had a lot of stats simply because of the fact that he played so long...BUT: 1. He was the greatest defensive left fielder of all time (in my opinion), 2. He had the greatest all around single season I ever saw in 1967, triple crown winner, gold glove, an amazing season, and 3. He was an incredibly clutch hitter. One game for the championship of the Galaxy, and he's my left fielder...

CArl was good, not great. Certainly not a top 100 player

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177 Roger Maris

Broke Babe Ruth's "most season home runs" record. 61 Ruth had 62 Maris had. Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's record.

Maris should be 1 he broke babe ruths record then it should be hank aaron cause he also broke babe ruths record but that's just my opinion.

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178 Chris Davis

This guy is amazing he should easily be in the top 20 with 37 home runs before the all star break

This guy is a star he should be in the top 20

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179 Yasiel Puig

Hype and doesn't have composure? He is still a great ball player, possibly the best Cuban player ever.

Too much hype, and doesn't have composure, should be way lower

Might be the first Cuban player to go to the hall of fame

239! Wow

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180 Nick Franklin

Great at fielding and is an awesome switch hitter, he is even a rookie.

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