Willie Mays


Best all-around player of all time. Most others on this list aren't five tool players. Some are but most aren't. (I will say that Ruth was a great pitcher which might count as a sixth tool.) Willie was the best or nearly the best at each of the five tools. Mays was popular with teammates and acclaimed by all contemporaries. He rarely missed games, and he loved to entertain the fans. Willie Mays is in the top five of more statistical categories than anyone, career and single season, old school stats and modern stats. Mays had to play his home games in huge ballparks, Polo Grounds and then windy Candlestick. That made it harder to rack up home runs, and harder to play defense in those huge center fields. He played in a pitchers era. Mays lost two prime years to military service. If his Negro Leagues stats could be added to his MLB stats, his case would only be stronger.

Willie Mays is AMAZING. He is the only player that has ever come through that has a trio of power, speed, and defense. No one else has ever had that amazing trio. He also brought the basket catch to the mlb.

Willie Mays should be number 1. If Barry Bonds cannot make the Hall of Fame, because he took performance enhancing drugs, then Babe Ruth shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame for playing during the time of performance enhancing racisms. He never had to play against the all of the best from his time, so it impossible to compare Babe Ruth against other player in other times. Willie Mays is the best player to play in an integrated baseball league. - thatwasme

That's an interesting point. I'm sure racism also played a part in creating extra hype and buzz around the two white center fielders playing in the New York boroughs at the time Mays was establishing his superiority. We know which team was the very last team to become integrated. - 5ToolPlayers

Babe Ruth played at a time when only white americans where allowed to play in the majors. That's why he was so above everyone else in the league. Imagine if today you took out all the black & latin players in the majors and replaced them with white americans from the minors. You can see how that would deplete the majors league. The greatest hitter of all time was Ted Williams and the greatest fielder was Willie Mays.

Willie Mays is WAY better than Ruth. Sure Ruth could've pitched and hit that famous called shot and had more home runs, but Mays could do everything. Ruth was very slow and and always got drunk and smoked. Mays stayed in great shape and played for over 20 years. He's easily the greatest all-around baseball player of all time and there's absolutely 0 doubt about that. SO LETS GET MAYS AT NUMBER 1!

Mays could hit for contact and power. Mays also could field and run very well. He was the complete package.

No question that Willie Mays best ever. I first saw Willie at Candlestick in 1963 during warn-ups. I could not believe what I saw. No matter what position he located himself on the field, everything was done with should ease. One could sense Willie's love for baseball. He was so exciting to watch. I doubt if baseball will ever see another player the caliber of Mr Baseball-- Willie Mays

The Say-hey kid could do it all-- hit, run, field, pitch. Incredible athletic prowess. Might have caught Ruth but for years in military and late-career injuries. What might he have done if he'd had the conditioning players have today. Outstanding football player in high school, would have done well in the NFL. Rounding out my top-10 list: Ruth, Williams, Bonds, Aaron, Cobb, Musial, Pujols, DiMaggio, Gehrig.

had to go to war in his prime years and still hit over 600 homers. is barry bonds name here as a joke

Now that I think about it, George Herman "Babe" Ruth and Ted Williams may have been great for their bats, and guys like Jackie Robinson might be known for their speed and athletic ability, but Mays could do it all. 660 homers, super quick, the master behind the "Catch", and a good arm? You won't find a guy with Mays' athletic ability maybe in the next century.

Willie Mays could do it all. It's as simple as that, with a career batting average over.300, 660 home runs and almost 2000 RBI's to his name, I consider him to be the best of all time, not the best hitter of all time but all around the greatest. He was a freak athlete that could run and play defense like no other and operate in every aspect of the game of baseball in ways better than basically everyone. He is better than Babe Ruth, Babe Ruth was great, but Willie Mays is the greatest in my mind.

I think it's obvious that he's the greatest of all time. He made it to the all-star game every year of his career and he played for 24 seasons which is just insane. Sure Ruth hit more home runs and could pitch but Mays could run, and was the greatest all-around player of all time. Mays is one incredible baseball player

Willie Mays had one of the greatest arms, biggest bats and coolest nicknames ever in the sport. He also played in the "Golden Age" of Baseball where all the most talented athletes alive played the sport. No question he was the greatest player to suit up

Willie Mays was a great player! I mean I'd have loved to see Roy Campanella on here but I love to see Willie and even Jackie Robinson even though Robinson isn't the greatest there has ever been, he is still above average especially in a time with out steroids just like Mays. Mays didn't do steroids and he is still a one of the people that every baseball fan has heard of.

While arguments could be made for everyone in the top 10 it would be impossible to not rank Mays according to his entire body of work during the seasons he played. He not only dominated all the statistical categories he made his teammates better.

Wet willie was by far one of the greatest players to ever wear a baseball uniform he is most known for
His catch in the world series which I think was not that hard but his home
Run numbers and stolen bases were sharp.

BEST. PLAYER. EVER. enough said

I am diehard giants fan

Say Hey Kid, the greatest all around player, hitting for position, clutch, power, great base-stealing, in an age of great pitching and defense. Defined gold glove, blazing speed, greatest catch of all time. Beloved by fans, wonderful sense of humor. He and Banks were legendary cut-ups in Cooperstown when we had the chance to see them there during Hall of Fame events.

He should be 1. Had everything I stated Babe Ruth didn't have. Great base runner, tremendous fielder, and with those intangibles, hit 660 home runs, played everyday. Truly a great baseball player

I'm 68 the say hay kid was the greatest player I ever saw play Ted Williams was a better hitter but not the all around player Mays was Mickey Mantle was a close second but injured to often My vote goes to Bob Gibson as the best pitcher

He could do everything well. He hit the best, he hit with power the best. And who holds the record for home runs in a game? Willie Mays. He could field and he could run. He is the only one who can do everything

Greatest all around player of all time. The definition of a five tool player. If he didn't lose 2.5 years of his prime to military service, he would hold all time HR record.

Babe ruth was only good at pitching and batting. But willie mays was good and throwing running and batting and could probably pitch that why I think willie is the best player of all time.

Willie Mays is the greatest baseball player. Babe Ruth was good with his home runs but people don't remember all of the strikeouts he had. It is better to have everything good rather than having one thing great.

Babe Ruth May have been great but he couldn't do it all like Willie Mays From hitting for average, power, great fielding, and a great arm not to mention good speed - donovanthorn