Top 10 Baseball Themed Animated TV Episodes

The top baseball themed episodes from animated series that also includes anime.
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1 Homer at the Bat - The Simpsons

One of the best Simpsons episodes period. I love how they got all those classic 90s MLB players in there.

One of the most hilarious sports themed Simpsons episode.

2 Spitballs - Rocko's Modern Life

A hilarious baseball themed episode Rocko and Heffer go to a baseball game after Rocko's prized foul ball gets destroyed by Mr. Bighead in hopes of getting another foul ball unfortunately the game sells out and they resort to buying tickets from a scalper and end up with the worst seats in the stadium and from there on hilarity ensues as Heffer spots two empty seats that are closer to the game and they sneak down then everybody leaves, leaving the two of them the only ones left finally a the team hits a foul ball but it lands all the way where they were seating forcing Rocko to climb back up to get it one very messed up moment is when Heffer's favorite player Spike Hammerhead who's a hammerhead shark gets a ball smashed through his eye and goes out the other eye knocking him out.

Yep, definitely. The idea of getting a seat on the floodlight takes irony to a whole new level.

3 How to Play Baseball - Goofy

I love goofy

4 Baseball Bugs - Looney Tunes

''1... 2... 3... your out! '' - umpire

5 Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper! - Pokmeon Sun & Moon
6 The Baseball - Hey Arnold

After hearing that his favorite Baseball player Mickey Kaline is retiring he and Gerald attend the his last baseball game but they end up with terrible seats but Arnold is determine to see the game up close leading to him and Gerald running from security.

7 Arthur Makes the Team - Arthur
8 Take Me Out of the Ball Game - DuckTales

When Launchpad is unable to coach Huey, Dewey and Louie's baseball team for their game against the beagle kids Scrooges butler Ducksworth who is not really familiar with baseball and instead treats it like it was cricket leaving the boys in a near hopeless situation at one point one of the beagle kids states that because they are so bad they won't have to cheat while Ma Beagle the coach insists they still cheat eventually Ducksworth realizes that baseball is not like cricket and coaches they team to victory.

9 Glazed Baseball and Negligee - Galaxy Angel

In this episode The Angel's find themselves on the losing end of a baseball game against the men from Transbaa Navy and to unbeknownst to them their commander Volcott while drunk made a bet with the opposing team that if they lose the girls who have to wear negligees and be forced into the navy and since they can't back out of the bet Mint comes up with a plan by bargaining for handicap points in exchange for Forte and Ranpha having to provide special services if they lose and to tip the odds in their favor she has the girls all compete while in their bikinis to distract the men, yeah its as ridicules as it sounds.

10 Unfair Ball - Sonic X

It has some funny moments!

The Contenders
11 Hit The Diamond - Steven Universe
12 The Losing Edge - South Park
13 Sniffelball - Chowder
14 Peter's Lost Youth - Family Guy
15 Boys Will Be Eds - Ed, Edd n Eddy
16 Ball of Revenge - Courage the Cowardly Dog
17 Foul Balled - The Fairly Oddparents
18 Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Baby Looney Tunes
19 A Challenge From Champa! This Time, a Baseball Game! - Dragon Ball Z
20 A Hero Sits Next Door - Family Guy
21 Mighty Wakko at Bat - Animaniacs
22 Baseball, Boobs, Boobs, Baseball - Two and a Half Men
23 The Chump - The Office
24 Rocket Ball - Astro Boy (2003)
25 A Leela Of Her Own - Futurama
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