This list has no logic

I'm not saying who ever wrote this should be shot because it's a good list but nobody should take this list seriously I mean it's not one of those lists that has a lot of research but if you compare all of these players in stats and individual acheivments the list would probably rank as:

#1) Wilt Chamberlain

#2) Michael Jordan

#3) Magic Johnson

#4) Oscar Robertson

#5) Tim Duncan

#6) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

#7) Hakeem Olajuwon

#8) Shaquille O'Neal

#9) Larry Bird

10) Jerry West & Bill Russell (because Jerry could score well and defend as good as Bill Russell was for a center as he could for a shooting guard I mean West had all the steals and points while Bill Russell had all the blocks and boards so it's a two way tie for number 10)

Now all these players can win awards and titles when they want, they have padded stats, they can pass the ball when they need to and can also make clutch shots when they need for example I'm going to use a few players so I can tell you what they can do to deserve a top ten spot .Wilt Chamberlain could drop 50 points and lead the league in scoring or he could grab 50 boards and lead the league in rebounding and he could also get 20 assists and lead the league in assists. .Michael Jordan could make threes and clutch shots to win the game, he could dunk right on Patrick Ewing to make a great highlight reel or he could pick your pocket to start and finish a fastbreak or even Magic Johnson & Oscar Robertson could stun you with there all round play by droping a Triple-Double to ice the game.

So that is why I think that my list has a lot more detail and is far more researched the putting Kobe and LeBron in the top 3 and trust me I'm not a hater.


Lebron is still one of the best, he is one of those players that'll be talked about 20 years from now, he isn't a role model, but he is an inspiration - unobruno01