Allen Iverson

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Allen Ezail Iverson is an American retired professional basketball player who played for 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association.


He carried his sixers 10 years without any help. MJ had Dennis n Pippen, and Kobe had Shaq. He was and always will be the best player EVER!

The reason A.I. is in the top 10 is because he is the greatest little man in the history of the game if I were ever to pick a starting Shooting Guard to my team I would pick Allen Iverson yes sorry Kobe, D-Wade, Michael Jordan, Jerry West (who by the way for some reason isn't in the top 15) because he is not a point guard he is a shooting guard.
Allen had the best cross over ever if you haven't seen it look it up it was an ankle breaker he even crossed Jordan and that's no easy task I guess you can say he has the "ANSWER"

The guy is 6'1", I would say he's the best dribbler of all time, he can Crossover, Between the legs crossover, Behind the back and, The spin move.

He's had multiple injuries, still making as many matches as possible...

And he didn't turn up to a single game not playing his best.

He is the GOAT, one thing many people are aware of is competition. Who was Magic's competition? Larry Bird? Who was wilt's competition? 5'5 white people (no offense ). Now who was The 6'0 guard allen iverson's competition? Lebron, Kobe, Shaquille, MJ, Kidd, etc. Iverson had much harder completion and still rose to the top. This guy is the best scorer and arguably the best player of all time. Not to mention the player who changed the game. He invented the crossover, he went to the finals with no talent around him (unlike Kobe who had jones, Shaquille, fisher, Nash, and Howard on his team). His guy was special.


Number one pick
2x NBA All Star MVP
Rookie of the year
11x All Star
2x Big East Defensive Player of the year
3x All NBA First Team
3x All NBA Second Team
1x All NBA Third Team
NBA All Rookie First Team
4x Scoring Title
3x Steals Leader
1x MPG Leader
Number Retired
1x Assist Leader

Allen Iverson is the toughest NBA player ever. He takes beatings out there every game but gets right up. He's a warrior. You don't see toughness like that from Jordan or Kobe or most people in today's game. He was barely six feet tall and could dunk like crazy, had an amazing crossover, and lead the league in steals his 1st 10 seasons. Allen Iverson had NO HELP. Unlike Kobe and Jordan. He is amazing. The Answer.

In his prime(2000-2001) Iverson carried a sorry 76ers team to the finals. They were legit so trash. Would have been the worst team in the league if not for him. He is the only player other than Wilt Chamberlain to average over 40 points a game in a single season and I don't think Wilt counts because at that time there was nobody near him in height. Iverson got more double teams in that year than most players get in their career.

Allen Iverson is just amazing to me he should be at least in the top ten the end of his career wasn't great but the beginning was just outstanding he had amazing offense and also he was the best defender against Michael Jordan top that! Also Iverson had so many games where he got above 40 points I know he is pretty short but he is one of the greatest basketball players in history

Best player ever but never got the treatment he deserved when I am in the nba I'll tell everyone how he was my inspiration how he went through all that and and still did all that.. He is the answer 3

If you look at Iverson's best career plays, you'll see one that comes up in a lot of videos and its Iverson getting a basket in Jordan's mitt. Its crazy. I mean Jordan is 6 inches taller than Iverson and Iverson swishes in Jordan's mitt. he's really the greatest. He's only 6 foot but he can dunk like this guy had hops.

Allen iverson is the best point guard to ever play the game. His unique shooting skills along with his handles and passing abilities were mesmerizing he is truly the best ball handler to ever hi the game of basketball and if he would have gone to the lakers with Kobe and shaq the team would have one twice as many championships s back to A. I he is truly mesmerising and and its no question he should be in the hall of fame

Allen Iverson's impact to NBA is more than just the game. He brings hope to small players to let them see that they can still rock in NBA. He basically achieved every reward except a final ring. For sure he can't pass Jordan, but in a certain way, I believe he is the best legend icon in the NBA history.

This guy had magic, with only 6 feet tall he could do many things on the floor. Best crossover in the history. And he didn't have a great team to support him. Kobe had Shaq, Michael had Pippen. Just watch Game 1 2001 finals against Kobe, 48 points and Kobe only had 15. Just amazing guy.

Allen Iverson would be top 5 if he wouldn't have ruined his career after leaving philadelphia. The guy had so much swagger, and he could score on anybody at will in his prime. Lets remember, he was a 6'0 shooting guard! He made it look easy scoring against guys much bigger than him

He dominates no one wants to win or compete as much as he does he is the best basketball player hands down Allen iverson led his team to the nba finals by himself pretty much and if he had a side kick like Jordan had Scottie pippen he would've one more then 6 rings

All I have to say is TEARS, I cried so much when he left, he made think that I could do anything and it doesn't matter what your size is, or what you look like, all that matters is: Are you willing to go as far as Allen or be a wussy that doesn't want to.

1. Iverson
2. Jordan
3. Lebron

over 24 000 points for 890 games fantastic

If Allen had a better team... Wait didn't he put Philly on his back and went to the finals, But ran into Shaq and Kobe. Allen is the best player in my eyes because of his size and heart and will to win. Even after a hard nite of partying he could turn around and drop 35 on guys. He had the best handle I ever seen too, how many guys got destroyed by that cross over. He was like 5'11" and like 150lbs. All talent. I know people are feeling the same way but the got with the popular choice MJ I'm not that old but when I look back it seems that the greatest or all time is up for grabs in every era. Mj came in at the right time.T.V. ,marketing, shoes, and novelty. That what I see. Mj wanna talk rings. Bill Russell should be the greatest of all time. If you talk scoring its wilt if you say all around its Oscar Robinson. Talk about jumping abilities. Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Dr J. Tons of guys can fly. (nate Robinson) so don't give me that dunk champion crap. I got eyes and a brain. No ...more

WAY TO HIGH. He's great, but not top 20.Iverson was only good a portion of his career and never got any significant accomplishments during his career other than his MVP. He relied on his athleticism and when it went he was done. - GooneyBird

Bill Russel wrote the book of basketball Kareem Abdul Jabbar finished it Michael Jordan Reads it 10 Times everyday Allen Iverson rewrote it or is it that Allen Iverson just is a great player in my opinion 6th place

Dude why his he below Durant, Iverson has better handles and has played longer plus he was an eleven time all star and Durant has made seven all star games so that's why Iverson is better

He basically played on a different time space from the others, he was really fast and skilled player, beat loads of star in 1v1 situations and just destroy everybody with cross overs.

List should be: 1 Michael Jordan
2 Wilt Chamberlain
3 Allen Iverson

Kobe is so overrated
- jkilpin

You Rule Alan Iverson I'm over the moon with your phenomenal and amazing skills in basketball you totally rock no single person can ever take your place. PEACE OUT. YOU ROCK

He is just great. The way he handles the ball. He can almost do anything he wants to do in a court. He won a couple of mvp awards in his days. To me he is one of the greatest.

His game I think was better then most of these people he shared the ball and was a incredible shooter was a good ball player who I thinks deserves more respect