Dirk Nowitzki


Dirk is the best white basketball player ever, with only Larry Bird as his competition. His ability to post up, rebound, shoot the 3 pointer and shoot free throws elevated his teams from above average most years to competing for a championship. His fade away jumper is unstoppable (except from behind - and rarely at that) and arguably the second best in that category to Jabbar's sky hook. Although he sometimes struggled with the idea of driving to the basket, he did do it and did it well. Dirk led his Dallas Mavericks team to an NBA Championship in 6 games (4-2) over the Miami "dream team" that had Lebron James and Dwayne Wade on it, two of the other greatest basketball players ever.

Should ranked under the top 10 at least! Dirk is a offensive weapon, maybe the best offensive power forward in NBA history. Not only is he a offensive beast, but also a leader like very few. He kept the Mavs in the playoffs year after year, even with a bad roster. Now he is 38 (! ) years old, and still one of the best players. He has an MVP award, is finals MVP, 12 times all star, Champion, all time leader in Dallas by almost every statistic. He never leaved the mavericks in all this years. He could have played with Kobe or Lebron and win the championship for sure, but he decided to stay in Dallas and win it all by himself. And he won against a heat team with Lebron, Wayde and Bosh! Its not his impressiv numbers, his awards or his ring, that will make him one of the best five players ever, its his story. He is a german player, who never played for a college. This guy became one of the best players ever, and that's why he is such a great athlete.

Quote from hoopshype: The best European player in history... One of the most versatile guys in the league... A matchup nightmare... Puts the ball on the floor and dribbles like a playmaker, shoots like an off guard and rebounds like a center... His shooting mechanic is almost perfect... Can easily shoot over his defender... Will kill you from the three-point line or driving to the basket...

... more to say?

Come on guys, No. 12? NEVER EVER! Dirk is better than Bird and he is on 4! After the 2011 Finals everybody knows he is the best white Player ever! Even Magic Johnson commented him like he is a basketball-god.

And he is the one, who doesn't care about his own success... just the team-success is important for him... be contrary to James, Kobe and Iverson.

No doubt the best German basketball player of all time top 20 in scoring, I think that dirk should be ranked within the top 10 of all time. Finally he has no other good players hardly on the Dallas Mavericks so that makes him that much better. LETS GO DIRK!

His shot is amazing he is my all time influence his in and off court attitude is simply amazing he should be everyone's role model no matter what anyone says - hardrockboyguitar13

Dirk is the best player. I am his number one fan.
I love the big blonde man--best power forward ever?

Greatest player ever. He's actually talented not like Wilt, Russel, or shaq that just dunk. Most talented ever. Don't like this comment stick it

Best European of all time. He is the person people think of when the fadeaway is mentioned. He is a taller Larry bird except for the fact that his fadeaway jumper is sweeter

He was one of those rare players who changed the way the game was played at his position. We need to appreciate watching him the rest of his career.

Dirk is amazing when it comes to three pointers. In my opinion he can shoot better than Larry bird. I've never seen anyone make more baskets with a left hand then Nowitzki.

The dude led his team with only himself in my opinion, if their was no Dirk, their would be no NBA finals appearances for Dallas for the next 10-20 years!

Dirk is one of the best NBA players of history. He led the Dallas Mavericks to their first NBA Championships.

dirk should be higher up on the list! this is unacceptable! he won the mvp for crying out loud!

He is going to be one of the best in basketball. this is because he is a humble giant and he knows how to play the game. He knows how to use his teammates. What makes him a great is he knows when his team need him. He plays for his team and his fans. - fw106949

He shows that he is much better then LeNon and Dwayne Wade altogether.

Wow! this man has 3's and plays inside almost better than Shaq.

Dirk needs to be higher, much higher. Like above Barklay

He's one of the best all around shooters ever. If he wants to score, he just fades back and knocks it down off one foot every time. He's also so cluch, and that playoff run solidifies him as one of the best of all time. GO MAVS! (I like cheese)

Dirk needs to be top ten for sure. He changed the position and is the classiest player off the court

You can't ask for a better player. He's loyal to the mavs and has hit 4, 000 points.

He is an amazing player! He is the reason they one the championship!

19 are you kidding me?! Big Ds the man way I think he takes the 8 spot. And to put duncan in front of him is ludicrous

Oh that is so true! He deservers to be in the top ten though.

He's the best at his size he can shoot in the perimeter